Edward Aveling

Standard Name: Aveling, Edward


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Family and Intimate relationships Annie Besant
It is hardly surprising in view of the other aspects of her reputation that AB was assumed to be sexually involved with her successive, influential friends, Charles Bradlaugh and Edward Aveling .
Family and Intimate relationships Anna Wickham
AW 's mother, Alice (Whelan) Harper , was an eccentric, flamboyant woman of many talents.
Blain, Virginia et al., editors. The Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers from the Middle Ages to the Present. Yale University Press; Batsford.
Brought up in a poor family in Camden Town, she became a teacher with the London School Board ...
Friends, Associates Annie Besant
AB met Edward Aveling , described by George Bernard Shaw as a borrower of money and a swindler and seducer of women,
Dinnage, Rosemary. Annie Besant. Penguin.
around the time that she began university studies. Unlike Shaw, AB thought...
Friends, Associates Margaret Harkness
Probably through sisters Kate Potter Courtney (whose house Harkness often stayed at) and Beatrice Potter (later Webb) , MH began to associate with the intellectuals who frequented the Reading Room of the British Museum ...
Performance of text Henrik Ibsen
HI 's A Doll's House received a private reading at the home of Eleanor Marx and Edward Aveling in Bloomsbury, London.
Durbach, Errol. “A century of Ibsen criticism”. The Cambridge Companion to Ibsen, edited by James McFarlane and James McFarlane, Cambridge University Press, pp. 233-51.
politics Katharine Bruce Glasier
After their marriage, KBG and her husband, John Bruce Glasier , formed an effective socialist partnership very much like that of Sidney and Beatrice Webb . They maintained their involvement in the Independent Labour Party
Textual Features Helen Mathers
As editor of The Burlington, HM recruited authors such as Edward Aveling , A. C. Swinburne , and Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde . She contributed serial novels, short stories and editorial articles herself.
North, John S., editor. The Waterloo Directory of English Newspapers and Periodicals: 1800-1900. http://www.victorianperiodicals.com/series2/defaultLoggedIn.asp.


December 1884: Eleanor Marx, William Morris, and Edward...

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December 1884

Eleanor Marx , William Morris , and Edward Aveling were among those who formed the Socialist League after abandoning the Social Democratic Federation in protest over H. M. Hyndman 's leadership.

1886: Eleanor Marx published the socialist polemic...

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Eleanor Marx published the socialist polemicThe Woman Question with her partner Edward Aveling .

1896: Eleanor Marx edited a collection of her father's...

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Eleanor Marx edited a collection of her father 's essays, Revolution and Counter-Revolutions or Germany in 1848, as Eleanor Marx Aveling.

31 March 1898: Eleanor Marx, socialist, feminist, and writer,...

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31 March 1898

Eleanor Marx , socialist, feminist, and writer, committed suicide.


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