Catherine of Aragon, first queen of Henry VIII

Standard Name: Catherine of Aragon,, first queen of Henry VIII
Used Form: Katherine of Arragon


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Family and Intimate relationships Queen Elizabeth I
Elizabeth's elder half-sister, Mary Tudor , was estranged from her by loyalty to her mother (Catherine of Aragon , whom Elizabeth's mother had supplanted) and by her fervent Catholicism. The gap narrowed slightly when...
Family and Intimate relationships Katherine Parr
KP 's mother, born Maud Greene , was a cultivated and sophisticated woman: probably born in London, with a father who owned several large estates. She married in 1508, at the age of thirteen...
Literary responses Elizabeth Strickland
The Athenæum was quite mocking about the quality of the history, finding it deficient in the critical evaluation and referencing of sources, and claiming to have derived entertainment but not instruction from the first volume...
Occupation Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhit
By 1537 (the year after the divorced Catherine of Aragon died) Elizabeth Oxenbridge (later Lady Tyrwhit) held a position at Court as gentlewoman of the privy chamber.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
She was to acquire greater importance at Court...
Textual Features Norah Lofts
Lofts, said a reviewer of Anne Boleyn: The Tragic Story of Henry VIII's Most Notorious Wife, discusses some interesting issues. One is that Catherine of Aragon might well fail to sympathise with her husband's...
Textual Production Jean Ingelow
Around the age of fourteen JI began penning poetry on the window shutters of her bedroom, after having been denied paper by her strictly evangelical mother . Her earliest surviving poem is Katherine of Aragon
Textual Production Norah Lofts
NL published The King's Pleasure, a historical novel inspired by the life of Catherine of Aragon .
Contemporary Authors: New Revision Series. Gale Research.
Textual Production Jean Plaidy
JP launched under this name another historical trilogy, about Catherine of Aragon (sometimes spelled Katharine or Katherine), Henry VIII 's first wife, with the Tudor novel Katharine, the Virgin Widow.
British Library Catalogue.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Elizabeth Cary, Viscountess Falkland
The play is a Senecan tragedy, written for the closet, not the public stage, though it is worth remembering that upper-class circles reading or performing such plays were connoisseurs of the highly dramatised masque...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Hilary Mantel
She begins with Anne as vehicle for the fantasies of later generations: the way that she herself as a small child was regaled by a nun with the idea that but for this depraved woman...


21 April 1509: King Henry VII died; the next day Henry VIII...

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21 April 1509

King Henry VII died; the next day Henry VIII assumed the throne of England. He began his reign by marrying Catherine of Aragon , widow of his brother Arthur.

7 September 1513: The English (under the leadership of Catherine...

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7 September 1513

The English (under the leadership of Catherine of Aragon , queen regent while her husband was abroad) defeated the Scots at the battle of Flodden Field in Northumberland, just across the border from Coldstream, Scotland.

1527: A young English priest, Thomas Cranmer, wrote...

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A young English priest, Thomas Cranmer , wrote two letters to Johannes Dantiscus , whom he had met on a royal mission to the Holy Roman Emperor in Spain, where Dantiscus was then Polish ambassador.

8 February 1534: Catherine of Aragon wrote a letter to the...

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8 February 1534

Catherine of Aragon wrote a letter to the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V (her nephew), seeking to enlist the support of Pope Clement VII against her husband 's attempts to have their marriage annulled.

20 April 1534: Elizabeth Barton (often called the Nun—or...

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20 April 1534

Elizabeth Barton (often called the Nun—or the Fair Maid—of Kent) was executed at Tyburn for seeking the king 's death.

November 1534: The Act of Supremacy declared the monarch,...

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November 1534

The Act of Supremacy declared the monarch, not the Pope , head of the Church of England.

Probably 1540: Sir Thomas Elyot's The Defence of Good Women...

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Probably 1540

Sir Thomas Elyot 's The Defence of Good Women was published. Its date has provoked disagreement, but 1540 is now generally preferred to 1545.

Before 29 June 1613: Henry VIII, by Shakespeare (probably with...

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Before 29 June 1613

Henry VIII, by Shakespeare (probably with the collaboration of Fletcher ), had its first performance: when it was acted on this date, a fire broke out which destroyed the Globe Theatre .


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