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In November 1596, after Burbage acquired a building for a new public theatre at Blackfriars, the name of the widowed Elizabeth Russell stood first on a petition by local residents to the Privy Council...


Spring 1599: As soon as the danger of frost was over,...

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Spring 1599

As soon as the danger of frost was over, the Globe Theatre was built,or re-built, in Southwark, south of the river in London, as a home for Shakespeare 's company, the Lord Chamberlain's Men .

26 November 1607: Shakespeare's tragedy King Lear was registered...

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26 November 1607

Shakespeare 's tragedy King Lear was registered with the Stationers' Company for publication in a quarto edition the following year.

Before 29 June 1613: Henry VIII, by Shakespeare (probably with...

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Before 29 June 1613

Henry VIII, by Shakespeare (probably with the collaboration of Fletcher ), had its first performance: when it was acted on this date, a fire broke out which destroyed the Globe Theatre .

15 April 1644: The Globe Theatre in London, once the home...

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15 April 1644

The Globe Theatre in London, once the home of Shakespeare 's company, was demolished as part of the ongoing parliamentarian campaign against the theatres.


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