Pope Clement VII

Standard Name: Clement VII, Pope


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Textual Production Rose Hickman
RH decided to write her family story when she read in Holinshed a mention of her father's exploit in the quarrel between Henry VIII and the Pope , and thought her children would appreciate knowing...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Rose Hickman
RH situates her own story within that of her family, and sets the family story in the context of the clash between the reformed and traditional systems of Christianity. She opens with Of My Father...


8 February 1534: Catherine of Aragon wrote a letter to the...

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8 February 1534

Catherine of Aragon wrote a letter to the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V (her nephew), seeking to enlist the support of Pope Clement VII against her husband 's attempts to have their marriage annulled.

November 1534: The Act of Supremacy declared the monarch,...

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November 1534

The Act of Supremacy declared the monarch, not the Pope , head of the Church of England.


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