Jean Plaidy

Standard Name: Plaidy, Jean
Birth Name: Eleanor Alice Burford
Married Name: Eleanor Alice Hibbert
Pseudonym: Jean Plaidy
Pseudonym: Victoria Holt
Pseudonym: Philippa Carr
Pseudonym: Ellalice Tate
Pseudonym: Elbur Ford
Pseudonym: Kathleen Kellow
Twentieth-century popular writer JP wrote over 200 novels under seven different pseudonyms: some eighty-seven historical novels as Jean Plaidy, at least thirty-one gothic romances as Victoria Holt, and another nineteen historical romances as Philippa Carr, besides short stories. Her other four writing names, Eleanor Alice Burford (her birth name), Elbur Ford, Ellalice Tate, and Kathleen Kellow, were less successful and shorter lived; under them JP experimented with the romance and gothic genres. Her novels are usually written from the perspective of the heroine, who in her historical novels is an actual woman in some way connected to royalty, either by birth, marriage, or an illicit relationship. She deliberately follows time-hallowed plot patterns and reuses predictable characters and conclusions.
Bennett, Catherine. “The Prime of Miss Jean Plaidy”. The Guardian, pp. 23-4.
Her historical novels create a kind of soap opera of British history from the close of the middle ages to Queen Victoria, in which personal relations and individual passions emerge powerfully from a somewhat shallow cultural and historical context. She was particularly known for series fiction, in which closure never comes because every story leads to another.


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Lively, Penelope. Beyond the Blue Mountains. Viking.
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July 1190-March 1194: Richard I was absent from England on the...

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July 1190-March 1194

Richard I was absent from England on the Third Crusade, pitted (with other Christian monarchs) against the warrior sultan Saladin .

6 July 1685: The Duke of Monmouth's Rebellion, aimed at...

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6 July 1685

The Duke of Monmouth 's Rebellion, aimed at getting possession of the throne, ended in defeat at Sedgemoor in Somerset, with much loss of life.


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