Katherine Parr

Standard Name: Parr, Katherine
Birth Name: Katherine Parr
Pseudonym: K. P.
Married Name: Katherine Borough
Married Name: Katherine Neville
Titled: Katherine Neville, Lady Latimer
Royal Name: Queen Katherine
Used Form: Catherine Parr
KP 's interventions in national and ecclesiastical history in the earlier sixteenth century, at the time of the Reformation (which were more far-reaching than has often been recognised), rested on her skill in writing and her faith in the educational power of reading. She produced (besides letters) religious writings: prayers and meditations.


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Cultural formation Queen Elizabeth I
Brought up both by her teachers and by Katherine Parr in evangelical Protestantism, she developed into a pragmatic Anglican , probably both by conviction and by informed political choice. She exercised her diplomatic skills to...
Education Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhit
As an adult she belonged to a group around Queen Katherine Parr which amounted to a a women's bible-study group.
Education Queen Elizabeth I
Elizabeth was given a full Renaissance education, latterly under the supervision of her stepmother Katherine Parr . The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, however, insists on the importance in her life of the upper-class...
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhit
He came from a family which owned land at Kettleby in Lincolnshire. During the course of the marriage he held various court or official positions and added to his land holdings. He was a...
Friends, Associates Frances Neville, Baroness Abergavenny
Her family networks, too, were Protestant. Her parents were close friends and country neighbours of Katherine Brandon Willoughby, Duchess of Suffolk (letter-writer, patron of women writers, friend and associate of Katherine Parr ). In 1563...
Friends, Associates Anne Askew
AA was associated in these activities with Queen Katherine Parr ; this contributed to her persecution. Authorities hoped to incriminate the queen through AA .
Wilson, Derek. A Tudor Tapestry: Men, Women and Society in Reformation England. Heinemann.
Beilin, Elaine V., and Anne Askew. “Introduction”. The Examinations of Anne Askew, Oxford University Press.
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhit
Although Lady Tyrwhit was a cousin by marriage of Katherine Parr , their shared allegiance to the reformed religion was probably the key to their relationship. The Protestant historian John Foxe wrote that Elizabeth Tyrwhit...
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhit
Tyrwhit's collection of prayers is thought to date from the mid 1550s, and tradition suggests that it was written for the future Queen Elizabeth I during her imprisonment by her sister Queen Mary , but...
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhit
Tyrwhit's prayers bring together, in cheerful ecumenicity, the Bible, the old Roman Catholic tradition of books of hours, and newer Lutheran and humanist influence, grafting new thinking onto an age-old tradition of piety...
Intertextuality and Influence Queen Elizabeth I
The style is elaborate and heavily ornamented. It was probably inspired by Katherine Parr 's own The Lamentacion of a Synner.
Neale, J. E. Queen Elizabeth. J. Cape.
Marc Shell traces the influence on Marguerite de Navarre of a tradition...
Material Conditions of Writing Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhit
After the death in childbirth of the former queen Katherine Parr , Elizabeth Tyrwhit, her friend and servant, was called to testify about her deathbed.
Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhit,. “Introduction”. Elizabeth Tyrwhit’s Morning and Evening Prayers, edited by Susan M. Felch, Ashgate, pp. 1-51.
names Catharine Parr Traill
The family derived CPT 's given names from Henry VIII 's final wife , an intellectual and writer who was closely involved in the foundation of the Church of England. An ancestral connection was alleged.
Gray, Charlotte. Sisters in the Wilderness: The Lives of Susanna Moodie and Catharine Parr Traill. Viking.
Occupation Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhit
Elizabeth Tyrwhit 's life at Court took a different turn after Katherine Parr 's marriage to Henry VIII (on 12 July 1543). She participated with the queen and a whole group of court ladies in...
politics Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhit
Lady Tyrwhit's fervent Protestantism was, at this date, a highly politicized position. She and her group of court ladies were hounded by highly-placed religious traditionalists, enemies of Katherine Parr , since the queen was well...
Reception Frances Neville, Baroness Abergavenny
It seems, then, that Lady Abergavenny was part-author of a book of prayers that went through seven editions between 1577 and 1626. In 1624 The Perfect Path to Paradise (called by the Oxford Dictionary of...


1582: Thomas Bentley edited The Monument of Matrones,...

Women writers item


Thomas Bentley edited The Monument of Matrones, an important anthology containing writings by women, mostly religious.


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