Thomas Cranmer

Standard Name: Cranmer, Thomas


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Cultural formation Rose Hickman
Rose, who was pregnant and soon to give birth when her husband fled into exile, consulted Cranmer , Latimer , and Ridley as to whether it would be betraying her faith to have the child...
Family and Intimate relationships Queen Elizabeth I
Historians differ about Anne. George Bernard thinks she was frivolous and fashionable, and may have been to some degree guilty as charged. On the other hand her biographer Eric Ives calls her the most influential...
Friends, Associates Rose Hickman
The Hickmans' London home was frequented by leaders of the new Protestant religious tendency: men like John Knox , Scottish preacher and correspondent of Anne Locke (who knew them from early in Mary's reign, when...
Performance of text Anne Ridler
AR 's play The Trial of Thomas Cranmer, written for the four-hundredth anniversary of the archbishop's martyrdom, was broadcast; it appeared in print this year.
Ridler, Anne. The Trial of Thomas Cranmer. Faber and Faber.
Contemporary Authors: New Revision Series. Gale Research.
80: 358
politics Katherine Parr
KP supervised the education, encouraged the writing, and tried to form the minds of her new batch of step-children: Mary , Elizabeth , and Edward . (Susan E. James in the Oxford Dictionary of...
Textual Features Frances Arabella Rowden
An advertisement (dated at Iver in Buckinghamshire on 3 September 1820)
Rowden, Frances Arabella. A Biographical Sketch of the Most Distinguished Writers of Ancient and Modern Times.
1829, iv
explains that the book is written for the young scholar and hopes to demonstrate the connexion between ancient and modern literature (the...
Textual Production Sheila Kaye-Smith
SKS published a number of books of popular theology, such as Sin, 1929, published for the Guild of St Francis of Sales .
Solo: Search Oxford University Libraries Online.
Her first two explicitly Roman Catholic novels were Superstition Corner (which...
Textual Production Katherine Parr
She may have had help some help with this from Thomas Cranmer .
Textual Production Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna
CET published another history or martyrology: Ridley , Latimer , Cranmer and Other English Martyrs.
Khorana, Meena, and Judith Gero John, editors. Dictionary of Literary Biography 163. Gale Research.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Monica Furlong
She presents her subject as one of the nation's great institutions and as her own spiritual home. She relates its history from the beginnings, in the entwined careers of Thomas Cranmer , Mary Tudor ...


1527: A young English priest, Thomas Cranmer, wrote...

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A young English priest, Thomas Cranmer , wrote two letters to Johannes Dantiscus , whom he had met on a royal mission to the Holy Roman Emperor in Spain, where Dantiscus was then Polish ambassador.

30 March 1533: On Passion Sunday, two weeks before Easter,...

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30 March 1533

On Passion Sunday, two weeks before Easter, Thomas Cranmer , a churchman interested in the new ideas of Martin Luther , was consecrated Archbishop of Canterbury.

Late 1552: Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury...

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Late 1552

Thomas Cranmer , Archbishop of Canterbury under Edward VI , produced an Anglican revised Book of Common Prayer.

21 March 1556: Thomas Cranmer was burned alive for heresy...

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21 March 1556

Thomas Cranmer was burned alive for heresy at Oxford, after withdrawing the recantation he had formerly made under threat of such a death: this was one of the most famous Protestant martyrdoms under Mary Tudor .

1559: Negotiating between opposing factions, Elizabeth...

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Negotiating between opposing factions, Elizabeth I sought to establish the English Church under her headship; Thomas Cranmer 's Prayer Book of 1552 became the official Book of Common Prayer.


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