Charles V, Emperor of Austria

Standard Name: Charles V,, Emperor of Austria


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Literary Setting Emmuska, Baroness Orczy
The story is set in sixteenth-century England and France in the reign of Charles V , Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain. The opening page presents an air of historical evidence in a sentence...
Textual Features Catherine Gore
The setting in 1550s Spain was evidently regarded as an attraction. Don Juan is presumed to be a bastard son of the emperor Charles V , who has abdicated and retired to a monastery, leaving...
Textual Production Mary Ferrar
The Ferrar community composed the religious dialogue On the Retirement of Charles V, which (like the undated On the Austere Life) was probably written in Nicholas Ferrar 's absence.
Feminist Companion Archive.
Travel Marguerite de Navarre
When in 1525 her brother King François was captured in battle by his rival, Emperor Charles V , MN travelled to Spain to get him released.
Weber, Caroline. “The Limits of Chivalry”. London Review of Books, No. 2, pp. 36 - 7.


23 June 1516
The death of Ferdinand of Spain brought together the huge territories of Aragon, Castile, Burgundy, and the Low Countries, under the rule of Charles of Ghent, who soon became Holy Roman Emperor as Charles V .
8 February 1534
Catherine of Aragon wrote a letter to the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V (her nephew), seeking to enlist the support of Pope Clement VII against her husband 's attempts to have their marriage annulled.
July 1554
One year after succeeding to the throne, Mary Tudor married Philip of Spain , thereby strengthening the hand of others who wished, as she did, to re-Catholicize England.
September 1558
The Emperor Charles V died at Yuste in Extremadura, two years after abdicating from the Holy Roman Empire which he had created.
7 October 1571
At the battle of Lepanto on the Gulf of Corinth, Turkish or Muslim sea power was crushed by Venetian and Spanish forces commanded by Don John of Austria .