Matilda Charlotte Houstoun

Standard Name: Houstoun, Matilda Charlotte
Birth Name: Matilda Charlotte Jesse
Married Name: Matilda Charlotte Fraser
Married Name: Matilda Charlotte Houstoun
Indexed Name: Mrs Houstoun
Pseudonym: The Author of Recommended to Mercy
Pseudonym: The Author of Taken Upon Trust
Pseudonym: One Who Saved It
MCH produced, and had moderate success with, close to thirty novels, three travel narratives, a biography, several volumes of autobiographical writings, and a short story. She also did some writing for periodicals. Her later writings include strong social protest over the way that women are treated in the criminal courts and in prison. Stylistically, Houstoun is mostly remembered for the anecdotal style that marked her personal narratives.


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April 1863: Henry Mansel in the Quarterly Review attacked...

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April 1863

Henry Mansel in the Quarterly Review attacked sensation novels as preaching to the nerves and as indications of a wide-spread corruption, of which they are in part both the effect and the cause; called into...

28 March 1877: By her own later account Frances Isabella...

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28 March 1877

By her own later account Frances Isabella Stallard left her mother's cottage in a distraught condition with her sickly illegitimate toddler, who then died of exposure; her trial found her guilty of murder.


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