Joseph Bonaparte

Standard Name: Bonaparte, Joseph


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Friends, Associates Frances Wright
In Philadelphia FW made acquaintances including famous local publisher Matthew Carey , actor Thomas Abthorpe Cooper , Portuguese ambassador Correa da Serra , and Napoleon's brother Joseph Bonaparte .
Eckhardt, Celia Morris. Fanny Wright. Harvard University Press.
30, 33
During her time in...


March 1808: Napoleon's forces entered Madrid; on 12 July...

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March 1808

Napoleon 's forces entered Madrid; on 12 JulyJoseph Bonaparte was installed as King of Spain, following the successive abdication of two Spanish kings, father and son.

12 July 1808: A British expeditionary force under Sir Arthur...

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12 July 1808

A British expeditionary force under Sir Arthur Wellesley (later Duke of Wellington) sailed to relieve Corunna in Spain.


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