Joanna Trollope

Standard Name: Trollope, Joanna
Birth Name: Joanna Trollope
Pseudonym: Caroline Harvey
Married Name: Joanna Potter
Married Name: Joanna Curteis
JT is a highly popular novelist who began in the late twentieth century with historical romances and moved on to books which explore the changing conditions of contemporary life and especially family life: the kind of family which has been shaped by successive marriages or relationships and which carries the scars of break-up and loss. Nineteen of these, she says, have been best-sellers.
Joanna Trollope. The official website of Joanna Trollope OBE.
She has also written a historical study of women's lives and experiences.


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Anthologization Hilary Mantel
With many others including Charlotte Bingham , Edwina Currie , Helen Dunmore , Nicci Gerrard , Wendy Holden , David Lodge , Val McDermid , Joanna Trollope , Lynne Truss , and Salley Vickers ,...
Friends, Associates Susan Hill
Later in life SH developed friendships with writers Jeanette Winterson and Joanna Trollope .
Hill, Susan. “Susan Hill”. Susan Hill.
Intertextuality and Influence Jane Austen
The major novels have been repeatedly dramatised and filmed; the BBC has had great success with videos and DVDs of all six. They and the unfinished novels have been almost equally material for sequels, prequels...
Literary responses J. K. Rowling
Early reviews in North America were a lot less kind. Michiko Kakutani in the New York Times (while professing admiration for Rowling's gumption in moving on from Harry) called the characters self-absorbed, small-minded, snobbish and...
Publishing Anthony Trollope
He dated this letter 30 April 1876. Joanna Trollope , collateral descendant of AT , wrote an introduction for an edition of 1987.
Reception J. K. Rowling
Unanticipated responses to Harry Potter have included attack from some Christian groups, mostly in the USA, which bizarrely suppose that the books proselytize in favour of magic, which is held to be the work...
Textual Production Jeanette Winterson
Her contributors included Ali Smith on Beethoven 's Fidelio, Anne Enright on Dvorak 's Rusalka, Jackie Kay on Janacek 's The Makropulos Case, Joanna Trollope on Donizetti 's L'Elisir d'Amore, Kate Atkinson


December 2001: Women writers for the first time outnumbered...

Women writers item

December 2001

Women writers for the first time outnumbered men in the Guardian newspaper's annual listing of the fastest-selling paperbacks in Britain.

22 January 2008: Day, the fifth novel by Scottish author,...

Women writers item

22 January 2008

Day, the fifth novel by Scottish author, playwright and stand-up comedian A. L. Kennedy (whose unmentioned first name is Alison), won the 2007 Costa (formerly Whitbread) Book of the Year prize.

February 2008: Award-winning British author Zadie Smith...

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February 2008

Award-winning British author Zadie Smith stirred up controversy by accusing most literary prizes of being only nominally about literature.
Smith, Zadie. “Breaking news: Short story competition result 2008”. The Willesden Herald.

Early October 2012: The prize for women's fiction hitherto known...

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Early October 2012

The prize for women's fiction hitherto known as the Orange Prize was saved by a group of private supporters after the mobile-phone company Orange withdrew its support.
Armitstead, Claire. “Orange prize saved by private donors after organisers fail to find sponsor”. The Guardian.


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