John Forster

Standard Name: Forster, John


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Dedications Geraldine Jewsbury
It is dedicated to her friend John Forster .
Mercer, Edmund. “Geraldine Endsor Jewsbury”. Manchester Quarterly, Vol.
, pp. 301-21.
Family and Intimate relationships L. E. L.
LEL and John Forster , editor of The Examiner, became engaged, but she rapidly terminated the arrangement.
L. E. L.,. “Critical Materials”. Letitia Elizabeth Landon: Selected Writings, edited by Jerome McGann and Daniel Riess, Broadview, p. various pages.
Stephenson, Glennis. Letitia Landon: The Woman Behind L.E.L. Manchester University Press.
Friends, Associates Eliza Lynn Linton
Through the theological writer Dr Robert Herbert Brabant (an early admirer of George Eliot), Lynn at this time met Walter Savage Landor , whom she had long admired, and with whom she became close friends...
Friends, Associates Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of Blessington
To her many friends and visitors Lady Blessington soon added the exiled Prince Louis Napoleon Bonaparte , John Forster , and in the early 1840s, Charles Dickens .
Molloy, Joseph Fitzgerald. The Most Gorgeous Lady Blessington. Downey.
340-1, 376, 419-0
After Louis Napoleon's escape...
Friends, Associates Edward Robert Bulwer Lytton, first Earl Lytton
His international travel and family ties to England's literary scene ensured him a wide social circle. He knew Charles Dickens , John Forster , and Frances Mary Peard . While living in Florence, he became...
Friends, Associates Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-Lytton, first Baron Lytton
His friends included Benjamin Disraeli , Charles Dickens , John Forster , and Thomas Babington Macaulay . Later in life he conducted a long, mentoring friendship by letter with Mary Elizabeth Braddon . He also...
Friends, Associates Jane Welsh Carlyle
As his fame grew, Thomas was increasingly invited to the homes of London's political and intellectual elite, while Jane moved in her own social circle, which included Charles Dickens , John Forster , Giuseppe Mazzini
Friends, Associates Charles Dickens
As one of the leading literary figures of the period, CD had an extensive social network. His early acquaintances in publishing included Richard Bentley , William Harrison Ainsworth , and John Forster (who later became...
Friends, Associates Lucie Duff Gordon
Her friends and acquaintances included (besides Caroline Norton , a particularly close friend) politicians Lord Lansdowne and Lord Monteagle ; writers William Thackeray , Charles Dickens , Emily Eden , Elliot Warburton , Alfred Tennyson
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Gaskell
EG was glad to escape the storm of controversy that her novel had raised in Manchester, and to be feted in London. She already knew Mary Howitt and Geraldine Jewsbury (who lived in Manchester). Although...
Literary responses Elizabeth Gaskell
The Athenæum's Henry Fothergill Chorley said that we have met with few pictures of life among the working classes at once so forcible and so fair as Mary Barton.
Easson, Angus, editor. Elizabeth Gaskell: The Critical Heritage. Routledge.
He compared the...
Publishing Elizabeth Gaskell
EG gave the manuscript of Mary Barton to William Howitt for his advice—he later claimed to have suggested the novel—and he in turn showed it to John Forster , a reader for Chapman and Hall
Textual Production Eliza Lynn Linton
ELL was a prejudiced reviewer of John Forster 's life of Walter Savage Landor , which made no mention of her, though she had been important in Landor's life. She said complacently of her review,...
Textual Production Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of Blessington
She requested a salary of £800 a year, but settled for £250 for six months. John Forster , who succeeded Dickens as editor, declined to renew the position.
Molloy, Joseph Fitzgerald. The Most Gorgeous Lady Blessington. Downey.
Textual Production Jane Welsh Carlyle
From her youth to her death JWC was a prolific letter-writer: more than three thousand of her letters survive.
Christianson, Aileen. “Jane Welsh Carlyle’s Private Writing Career”. A History of Scottish Women’s Writing, edited by Douglas Gifford and Dorothy McMillan, Edinburgh University Press, pp. 232-45.
Primary recipients of her correspondence included Thomas Carlyle, her mother Grace Welsh , her maternal...


From 18 June 1836 to 1839: John Forster published Lives of Eminent British...

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From 18 June 1836 to 1839

John Forster published Lives of Eminent British Statesmen in Lardner's Cyclopedia.

1872-1874: John Forster, who is recognized as the first...

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John Forster , who is recognized as the first professional biographer of the nineteenth century, published his biography of Dickens, in three volumes.


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