Catherine Crowe

Standard Name: Crowe, Catherine
Birth Name: Catherine Stevens
Married Name: Catherine Crowe
Used Form: Mrs Crowe
Used Form: the author of the Adventures of Susan Hopley
Between 1838 and 1859, Catherine Crowe produced five novels, two plays, a number of short stories (including ghost stories), a translation and several children's tales.
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Schlueter, Paul, and June Schlueter, editors. An Encyclopedia of British Women Writers. Garland.
She was a pioneer of domestic realism who combined treatment of the unseen and supernatural,
Oliphant, Margaret et al. Women Novelists of Queen Victoria’s Reign. Hurst and Blackett.
with acute observation of the details of life.
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Her fiction contains acerbic commentary on the status of middle-class women, and refuses to dispose of its heroines according to convention.


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Family and Intimate relationships Ménie Muriel Dowie
MMD 's maternal grandfather was Robert Chambers of Edinburgh, who wrote Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation (which, published anonymously, was briefly ascribed both to Augusta Ada Byron and to Catherine Crowe )...
Friends, Associates Camilla Crosland
CC 's friends and acquaintances were varying and numerous. In her youth the radical politician John Cartwright was a neighbour. Her literary work as an adult led to the formation of a number of lasting...
Friends, Associates Jane Loudon
Catherine Crowe , initially a friend of both JL and her husband, stayed a while with Jane and her daughter in summer 1850, and shared her interest in spiritualism with Agnes. About four years later...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Rigby
She was welcomed into Edinburgh society, where she attended dinners, masked balls, and concerts. Through her London editors, John Murray and John Gibson Lockhart , she made literary connections. She knew Professor John Wilson and...
Friends, Associates William Makepeace Thackeray
WMT was close to both of his surviving daughters, and was particularly proud when Anne 's first publication, the article Little Scholars, which appeared anonymously in the Cornhill Magazine. He was a sociable...
Textual Production Christian Isobel Johnstone
She included her own work, along with that of Gore , Mitford , Howitt , Mrs Fraser , and Catherine Crowe . Several editions appeared, up to an eleventh in 1862.
Feminist Companion Archive.
Textual Production Ellen Wood
EW had also been also accused of plagiarizing the plot of East Lynne from Anne Marsh 's The Admiral's Daughter, in which another erring wife returns unrecognised to her husband's house. In her Times...


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