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Employer Angela Thirkell
She began work by December 1932 as a publisher's reader for Hamish Hamilton .
Strickland, Margot. Angela Thirkell: Portrait of a Lady Novelist. Duckworth.
She was paid a pound a book, and called these earnings the price of shame.
Strickland, Margot. Angela Thirkell: Portrait of a Lady Novelist. Duckworth.
Family and Intimate relationships Angela Thirkell
The birth of Angela's brother Denis , four years younger than she was, caused her to suffer severe jealousy. Denis, like her, became a novelist, and later the jealousy issue was reversed. Denis felt that...
Material Conditions of Writing Ali Smith
The idea of the series originated at New Year 2016 when someone mentioned a projected referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union . AA asked Simon Prosser of Hamish Hamilton to bring a series...
Publishing Angela Thirkell
About the time of her memoir Three Houses, AT showed some friends and acquaintances a draft fiction entitled Three Sillies. E. V. Lucas told her she had distinct talent although the typescript in...
Publishing Angela Thirkell
She played with the metaphor of herself as hunter stalking Hamilton with her proposal for translating some of the stories of Ludwig Richter , largely for the sake of their illustrations, in the spirit, she...
Publishing Jennifer Johnston
First published with Hamish Hamilton , who would become JJ 's regular publishers, The Captains and the Kings was later reprinted as a Penguin paperback, a trend that would continue with most of her works...
Publishing Angela Thirkell
Hamish Hamilton did not want this novel, so far outside her usual run, but Oxford University Press accepted it, and found that advance sales compelled them to reprint it even before publication.
Strickland, Margot. Angela Thirkell: Portrait of a Lady Novelist. Duckworth.
Publishing Rose Macaulay
RM published Fabled Shore: From the Pyrenees to Portugal, a work which Hamish HamiltonHamish Hamilton had commissioned her to write in the Spring of 1947.
Babington Smith, Constance. Rose Macaulay. Collins.
Bensen, Alice. Rose Macaulay. Twayne.
Publishing Nancy Mitford
The book was published by Hamish Hamilton , but it was packaged by George Rainbird , the pioneer of book packagers, to include about fifty pages of beautifully-reproduced illustrations. In the monochrome world of post-war...
Publishing Willa Muir
Around 1952, WM finished another never-published novel: The Usurpers. She submitted it under the pseudonym Alexander Croy to Macmillan , Chatto and Windus , and Hamish Hamilton , but all three rejected it. While...
Publishing Barbara Pym
She wrote the first draft, she said later, over breakfast in bed in her flat in 1973-4, a period of serious health problems—first breast cancer and then a stroke—and of her decision to retire from...
Publishing Jean Rhys
Her first publisher, Jonathan Cape , turned down the novel as being too depressing, and Hamish Hamilton wanted to cut it extensively. They were probably reacting particularly to her depicting an abortion. Constable finally agreed...
Publishing Ali Smith
AS 's prize-winning novel How To Be Both was published by Hamish Hamilton , which managed to take it from receiving the manuscript to publication in the the abnormally short period of six weeks.
Armitstead, Claire. “Ali Smith, Interview”. theguardian.com.
Page, Benedicte. “Penguin prepares double edition of Ali Smith novel”. The Bookseller.
Publishing Zadie Smith
Rumour has it that Hamish Hamilton accepted the manuscript for publication and paid its advance of £250,000 on the strength of eighty pages which ZS submitted to them in the year of her graduation from...
Publishing Elizabeth Taylor
In 1942 to July 1943 she was working on (and completed) a novel called Never and Always, set in a seaside town, in which the central female character, Emily Hemingway, in her early thirties...


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