Hamish Hamilton

Standard Name: Hamilton, Hamish
Used Form: James Hamilton
Used Form: Jamie Hamilton


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Leisure and Society Rose Macaulay
She loved speed. She owned a car, and loved to drive fast (she was once convicted of careless driving after a car crash in which Gerald O'Donovan suffered head injuries), and she had always wanted...
Material Conditions of Writing Angela Thirkell
She began working on this a little before her collection of children's stories. She was at first intimidated by the idea of doing historical, archival research. Her publisher, Hamilton , encouraged her, and when she...
Publishing Angela Thirkell
About the time of her memoir Three Houses, AT showed some friends and acquaintances a draft fiction entitled Three Sillies. E. V. Lucas told her she had distinct talent although the typescript in...
Publishing Rose Macaulay
RM published Fabled Shore: From the Pyrenees to Portugal, a work which Hamish HamiltonHamish Hamilton had commissioned her to write in the Spring of 1947.
Babington Smith, Constance. Rose Macaulay. Collins.
Bensen, Alice. Rose Macaulay. Twayne.
Publishing Jean Rhys
Before the book was published, and while her husband was suffering his final illness, she was, as always, financially destitute. By February 1966, her editor Diana Athill , her publisher André Deutsch , and publisher...
Textual Features Angela Thirkell
High Rising introduces the character of Laura Morland, a thriller-writer who does not take her art too seriously and who crops up in AT 's later Barchester series in one novel after another. Thirkell called...
Textual Production Angela Thirkell
Thirkell began writing this book late in 1934 (under pressure of anxiety because her first husband, James Campbell McInnes , was back in England from Canada for the first time in years). To her publisher,...
Violence Jean Rhys
As their lives became more pinched for cash, JR became depressed and physically abusive, battering Tilden-Smith and inflicting scratches, black eyes, and bloody wounds on his face. His principal employer, publisher Hamish Hamilton , attempted...


1931: Hamish Hamilton established his own publishing...

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Hamish Hamilton established his own publishing house at 90 Great Russell Street, London.


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