Edward Verrall Lucas

Standard Name: Lucas, Edward Verrall
Used Form: E. V. Lucas


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Friends, Associates Githa Sowerby
Through her husband she acquired a circle of friends including E. V. Lucas , Kenneth Bird (professionally the cartoonist Fougasse ), Granville-Barker , and Cyril Hogg (owner of the music publishing firm Samuel French ).
Riley, Patricia. Looking for Githa. New Writing North.
Friends, Associates Angela Thirkell
Her literary friends included Lady Cynthia Asquith , Lady Cynthia's mother Lady Wemyss , Susan, Lady Tweedsmuir , and E. V. Lucas of Punch. With Lucas some kind of breach took place before the...
Literary responses Jane Taylor
The Critical Review, quoting several poems in full, equally approved JT 's lively facility and her graver moral style,
Critical Review. W. Simpkin and R. Marshall.
5th ser. 4 (1816): 269
and diagnosed the influence of Cowper . In 1925 E. V. Lucas
Literary responses Emily Lawless
The review by E. V. Lucas in the Times Literary Supplement set out (with some slight rhetorical camouflage) to insinuate both that Edgeworth did not fully deserve her place in this distinguished series, and that...
Publishing Eliza Fenwick
At the end of the nineteenth century EF underwent a brief rediscovery as a children's author. E. V. Lucas wrote the introduction for a volume of her stories under the title The Bad Family...
Textual Features Angela Thirkell
High Rising introduces the character of Laura Morland, a thriller-writer who does not take her art too seriously and who crops up in AT 's later Barchester series in one novel after another. Thirkell called...
Textual Production Angela Thirkell
About the time of her memoir Three Houses, AT showed some friends and acquaintances a draft fiction entitled Three Sillies. E. V. Lucas told her she had distinct talent although the typescript in...
Textual Production Mary Lamb
Their motive this time was purely financial: their friend Robert Lloyd said it was task work to them.
Burton, Sarah. A Double Life: A Biography of Charles and Mary Lamb. Viking.
Scholar E. V. Lucas argued (but speculatively) that Mary wrote fifty-eight of these poems and Charles...
Textual Production Mary Lamb
The poem first appeared in the Saturday number, in the course of a correspondence about the difficulty of writing Sapphics in English, as by M. S.; the next day someone corrected these initials to...


November-December 1906: Mediation in the Book WarRSC: link to other...

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November-December 1906

Mediation in the Book War (of the Times Book Club against the Net Book Agreement) was attempted unsuccessfully by an unofficial committee composed of several eminent authors.


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