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Anthologization Lilian Bowes Lyon
LBL 's poem Pastoral appeared in the London Mercury: it was collected in Cape 's The Best Poems of 1932 in the same year.
Dowson says Best Poetry, but that title was not...
Anthologization Lucille Iremonger
LI 's fiction and essays appeared in many publications, both collections and periodicals. She figured in British as well as Caribbean anthologies: in Adventure and Discovery for Boys and Girls (a series published by Jonathan Cape
Family and Intimate relationships Olivia Manning
As a very young woman OM began an affair with the charistmatic Hamish Miles (Edward Garnett 's assistant at the publishing firm of Jonathan Cape , and editor of a little magazine). He was...
Friends, Associates Lilian Bowes Lyon
Her friends included writers Laurens van der Post and William Plomer (who was also a reader for her publisher, Jonathan Cape ). They also included her housekeeper, Ellen Beckwith (with whom she put herself on...
Intertextuality and Influence Olivia Manning
Hamish Miles , an editor of the magazine, became her lover and an important career influence. Though he rejected the novel manuscript she first submitted to him at Cape (and refused point-blank to introduce her...
Literary responses Dorothy Whipple
The reader's report for Cape spoke of her extraordinary sense of humour and remarkable powers of characterization.
Whipple, Dorothy. Random Commentary. Michael Joseph.
Literary responses Olivia Manning
Edward Garnett , the reader for Cape , thought he had not seen such an impressive novel as this second one since D. H. Lawrence 's The White Peacock. It was to discuss this...
Material Conditions of Writing E. H. Young
She began on this story as early as 1941 and went back to it after the Second World War, when she was already suffering from her last illness. She sent it to Jonathan Cape in...
Material Conditions of Writing Margaret Forster
MF 's next novel was written during the evenings while she worked as a teacher, which she found exhausting. It was, however, accepted by Jonathan Cape in spring 1963. Its acceptance brought her a £150...
Publishing Doris Lessing
Published in Toronto by the CBC in 1986, it was reprinted the next year in London by Jonathan Cape .
University of Alberta Libraries On-line Catalogue.
British Library Catalogue.
Publishing Barbara Pym
Both Cape and Chatto and Windus rejected this work in 1968, and by 1973 it had been rejected by twenty-one publishers. It was eventually published by Macmillan after Pym's rediscovery. The Oxford Dictionary of National...
Publishing Dorothy Whipple
DW published her first book, the novel Young Anne, with Jonathan Cape after it had been first rejected by Heinemann .
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Publishing Denise Levertov
She had sent the title poem to Robert Duncan on 26 April 1969.
Duncan, Robert, and Denise Levertov. The Letters of Robert Duncan and Denise Levertov. Editors Bertholf, Robert J. and Albert Gelpi, Stanford University Press.
The book was published by Cape in London the same year. The Newberry Library in Chicago holds a calligraphic manuscript of...
Publishing Naomi Mitchison
NM says this book came out at white heat and, what is more, I wrote all the best bits, the juicy bits, first, all the bits that were most exciting and satisfying to write, like...
Publishing Sybille Bedford
She mentions a total of three novels finished, typed, re-typed (by myself), sent the round of publishers in London and New York . . . rejected. Rightly. They were not good enough. For me it...


1921: Jonathan Cape publishing house was founded...

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Jonathan Cape publishing house was founded in London by Jonathan Cape and G. Wren Howard , who had met through the Medici Society .

1923: The Incredible Journey, a landmark novel...

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The Incredible Journey, a landmark novel about Australian aboriginal women, was published by Catherine Martin , as C. E. M. Martin, through Jonathan Cape .

11 November 1929: Ernest Hemingway's war novel A Farewell to...

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11 November 1929

Ernest Hemingway 's war novelA Farewell to Arms, about an American soldier on the Italian front, was advertised by Jonathan Cape as due to be published in London on Remembrance Day, six weeks...


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