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Education Margaret Atwood
From 1957 she attended Victoria College , University of Toronto . Canadian publishing and the arts in Canada, broadly considered, had not yet recovered from the second world war. There were no cheap reprints of...
Education Anne Carson
After her receiving her undergraduate degree in 1974, AC embarked on a Master's program in Classics, again at the University of Toronto , in 1975. While enrolled at Toronto she travelled to St Andrews in...
Education Carol Shields
Later she took advantage of her position as a faculty wife to enroll for a course in writing for magazines (at her husband's suggestion) at the University of Toronto —which changed the direction of her...
Employer Margaret Atwood
Back in Toronto between periods of study, MA took a job in 1963 with a market research company, and then taught at the University of British Columbia , 1964-5.
Blain, Virginia et al., editors. The Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers from the Middle Ages to the Present. Yale University Press; Batsford.
After this she taught briefly at...
Employer Luce Irigaray
LI began teaching at postsecondary level at the University of Paris VIII in 1969, her teaching time there overlapping with her studies at the same institution towards her second doctorate. In 1974 her position there...
Employer Julia Kristeva
She worked with Sollers on Tel Quel (an avant-garde little magazine which became notorious for its support for Maoism), whose editorial board she joined in 1971. In New York, in 1976, she became a Permanent...
Employer Margaret Laurence
ML was appointed to a succession of writer-in-residence positions: at the University of Toronto in 1969, at the University of Western Ontario in 1973, and the year after that at Trent University . She returned...
Employer Ling Shuhua
From 1956 to 1960, LS taught Chinese literature at Nanyang University , and lived in both Singapore and London. She wrote and travelled, taking trips to Japan and Hong Kong.
Welland, Sasha Su-Ling. A Thousand Miles of Dreams: The Journeys of Two Chinese Sisters. Rowman & Littlefield.
She spent...
Literary responses Françoise de Graffigny
The current scholarly and feminist interest in FG 's work is shown by a flood of critical articles, the definitive edition of her letters, a website on them mounted by the University of Toronto at...
Material Conditions of Writing Carol Shields
While she was enrolled in a magazine-writing course at the University of Toronto , CS wrote a story which to her amazement her instructor arranged to have broadcast on the CBC , and over the...
Reception Julia Kristeva
In the early twenty-first century JK continues to generate a continuous flow of critical comment. She claims a place in women's international literary history as a creator of paradigms applied to other texts. Heather Ingman
Textual Production Margaret Atwood
MA 's papers held by the University of Toronto 's rare book collection include manuscripts of published and unpublished work.
Textual Production Frances Brooke
She had contributions from several friends: her husband , Arthur Murphy , and Richard Gifford , and Lord Orrery , whose annotated copy survives in the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library , University of Toronto
Textual Production Christine de Pisan
An English translation was published in 2008, edited by Karen Green , Constant J. Mews , and Janice Pinder . In early 2019 the University of Toronto announced its acquisition of a beautiful copy of...
Textual Production Ethel Wilson
After rejecting The Vat and the Brew, John Gray nonetheless encouraged EW to continue writing stories and indicated that publishing a collection might be possible. In a letter dated 20 November 1958, EW sketched...


4 March 1793: Edwin Griffith wrote in a copy of Tommy Trip's...

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4 March 1793

Edwin Griffith wrote in a copy of Tommy Trip's Valentine Gift, 1785: Edwin Griffith the gift of his wife . . . . I shall keep this book as Long as it is in being.

December 1921: Frederick Banting, Charles Best, and John...

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December 1921

Frederick Banting , Charles Best , and John J. R. Macleod presented a paper to the American Physiological Society on Banting and Best's discovery of insulin, while working in Macleod's labratory in Toronto.

1962: Marshall McLuhan, an academic critic at the...

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Marshall McLuhan , an academic critic at the University of Toronto , published perhaps his best-known book, The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man.


Byatt, A. S. Indexers and Indexes in Fact and Fiction. Editor Bell, Hazel K., University of Toronto, 2001.
Lavoie, Chantel Michelle. Poems by Eminent Ladies: A Study of an Eighteenth-Century Anthology. University of Toronto, 1999.