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Family and Intimate relationships Alice Munro
They had been students together although, as a veteran, he was a few years older. Fremlin had sent her one of the best letters she ever had about her writing, she said, after hearing her...
Friends, Associates Alice Munro
For years Robert Weaver , CBC producer, was AM 's only friend in the literary world. In the late 1970s she bonded with Margaret Laurence (with whom, a few years earlier, she had differed when...
Intertextuality and Influence L. M. Montgomery
The novel had six editions before November 1908; its instant success brought sometimes unwanted celebrity to the author. She was pleased, however, to receive an admiring letter from Mark Twain . Many of the reviews...
Material Conditions of Writing Carol Shields
While she was enrolled in a magazine-writing course at the University of Toronto , CS wrote a story which to her amazement her instructor arranged to have broadcast on the CBC , and over the...
Performance of text Margaret Atwood
The CBC issued a sound recording of these poems, read by Mia Anderson , in 1969.
University of Alberta Libraries On-line Catalogue. http://www.library.ualberta.ca/.
Performance of text Ethel Wilson
In July 1947, John Gray approached EW with the news that a Hollywood agent was interested in the rights for a film production of Hetty Dorval. According to her contract, the rights required EW
Performance of text Margaret Atwood
More than twenty years before this MA had treated the same historical figure in an unpublished play, Grace Marks, which was broadcast on CBC television in January 1974 under the title The Servant Girl...
Performance of text Alice Munro
Alice Laidlaw (later AM ), barely out of her teens, first reached a wide audience when her story The Strangers was broadcast by the CBC through the producer Robert Weaver .
Thacker, Robert. Alice Munro. McClelland and Stewart.
politics Alice Munro
She could not, she wrote, overemphasize the importance to her as a student and later as a housewife and mother, to have some of those stories accepted and broadcast on CBC radio , as well...
politics Alice Munro
In a strongly-worded statement for Friends of Canadian Broadcasting , AM threw her support behind the CBC , the national broadcaster, towards which the government was showing some hostility.
Friends of Canadian Broadcasting,. Email to its members.
Publishing Mavis Gallant
In 1946 A Wonderful Country, a short story about a Czech immigrant in Montreal, was published in the Standard's magazine section and read on CBC radio.
Gallant, Mavis. “‘The Life of the Writer’”. Margaret Laurence Lecture, Writers’ Trust of Canada.
Besner, Neil K. The Light of Imagination: Mavis Gallant’s Fiction. University of British Columbia Press.
In 1950 she gave the...
Publishing Doris Lessing
DL gave her polemical Massey Lectures (an annual series), broadcast on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation program Ideas and published as Prisons We Choose to Live Inside.
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Reception Ethel Wilson
On 23 January 1953 a dramatization of Lilly's Story was broadcast on CBC through Robert Weaver , the producer of the program Canadian Short Stories. The broadcast generated controversy. Newspapers in Montreal reported that...
Reception Ethel Wilson
The article put great strain on her friendship with Earle Birney , who was fighting to keep creative writing courses alive at the University of British Columbia . As an explanation she wrote to Birney,...
Reception Carol Shields
At twenty-nine CS won a CBC award for her poems.
Wachtel, Eleanor, editor. “Carol Shields”. More Writers and Company: New Conversations with CBC Radio’s Eleanor Wachtel, Vintage Canada, pp. 36-56.


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