Marshall McLuhan

Standard Name: McLuhan, Marshall


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Textual Production Rebecca West
RW published McLuhan and the Future of Literature, an attack on the work of Marshall McLuhan which she had given as a presidential address for the English Association .
Orel, Harold. The Literary Achievement of Rebecca West. Macmillan.
West, Rebecca. “Bibliography”. Rebecca West: A Celebration, edited by Samuel Hynes, Viking Press, pp. 761-6.
West, Rebecca. McLuhan and the Future of Literature. Oxford University Press, http://UofA.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Kathleen Nott
KN approvingly cites Mary Warnock for discerning and hailing a tendency among moral philosophers to address the complexities of actual choice, and actual decisions, thus making moral philosophy more difficult, perhaps much more embarrassing...


1962: Marshall McLuhan, an academic critic at the...

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Marshall McLuhan , an academic critic at the University of Toronto , published perhaps his best-known book, The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man.


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