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Education Luce Irigaray
LI earned a doctorate in Linguistics from the new University of Paris X at Nanterre on the outskirts of Paris, with a thesis on the way schizophrenics and other mentally unstable patients use language...
Education Luce Irigaray
LI earned another doctorate, this time in Philosophy and Arts, on 1 October 1974, when she graduated from the recently-established University of Paris VIII at Vincennes. Her third thesis, Speculum de l'autre femme...
Employer Luce Irigaray
LI began teaching at postsecondary level at the University of Paris VIII in 1969, her teaching time there overlapping with her studies at the same institution towards her second doctorate. In 1974 her position there...
Employer Hélène Cixous
HC was appointed to help found the University of Paris VIII at Vincennes, which was intended as an alternative learning environment without the repressive hierarches and power structures of traditional French universities.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
83, 242
Friends, Associates Hélène Cixous
HC was a close personal friend of Jacques Derrida — who, like her, was a French citizen and a Jew born in Algeria.
“Columbia University Press advertisement for Hélène Cixous, ’Portrait of Jacques Derrida as a Young Jewish Saint’, translated by Beverley Bie Brahic”. London Review of Books, p. 21.
She was introduced to Jacques Lacan while her doctoral thesis was...
Occupation Christine Brooke-Rose
On the invitation of Hélène Cixous , CBR taught American Literature and Literary Theory at the new Université de Paris VIII at Vincennes, first as a Maître de Conferences or lecturer, then as Professor.
Birch, Sarah. Christine Brooke-Rose and Contemporary Fiction. Clarendon Press.
Occupation Hélène Cixous
With a secondary school teaching diploma in English, HC began teaching in 1959, the year before she began working on her doctoral thesis, at the lycée (a selective secondary school which prepares for university entrance)...
Occupation Hélène Cixous
HC became professor of English Literature at the new university. The university soon distinguished itself by attracting an extremely high-quality faculty, though the French government never particularly appreciated its existence. HC founded the Centre des Recherches en Etudes Féminines
politics Luce Irigaray
While teaching at the University of Paris VIII at Vincenness, LI was affiliated with the École Freudienne of Paris, a Lacan ian body of psychoanalytic professionals. At the same time, she was actively involved...
Textual Production Hélène Cixous
Much of HC 's writing is influenced by the political attitudes of May 1968, when students in Paris led strikes and rioted against heavily conservative education and government systems. As well as citizens who fight...


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