Greater London Authority


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Education Berta Ruck
BR studied art first at Lambeth School of Art, then, on a London County Council scholarship, at the Slade School of Art in London, where she was taught by Henry Tonks . She then...
Family and Intimate relationships E. Nesbit
Three years after the death of her first husband , EN married Thomas Terry Tucker (known as the Skipper), a marine engineer and captain of the London County Council ferry at Woolwich.
Blain, Virginia et al., editors. The Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers from the Middle Ages to the Present. Yale University Press; Batsford.
Family and Intimate relationships Millicent Garrett Fawcett
Philippa attended Newnham College (the women's college founded by the efforts of her parents) and was marked higher than any other final-year student in mathematics at Cambridge in 1890, embarrassing the university since the title...
Family and Intimate relationships Kate Parry Frye
KPF 's father, Frederick Charlwood Frye , attended Saffron Walden Grammar School and worked as a clerk and grocer. During the late nineteenth century his grocery business did very well, expanding into a chain, and...
Occupation Willa Muir
She designed the curriculum to incorporate the students' knowledge of textiles into academic lessons in history, English, and geography. She also designed practical courses in hand-loom weaving, fashion-drawing, pattern-designing, colouring.
Muir, Willa. Belonging. Hogarth Press.
But her innovative approach...
Occupation Alison Uttley
After teacher training at Cambridge, Alice Jane Taylor (later AU ) took up a post as Junior Science Mistress at a London County Council Secondary School in Fulham in suburban London.
Judd, Denis. Alison Uttley. Michael Joseph.
Occupation Mary Augusta Ward
The settlement's school for disabled children, its play schools, and summer schools were an enormous success, and were eventually copied world-wide. As a tribute to the invaluable role played by MAW in its foundation, the...
Occupation Mary Agnes Hamilton
MAH sat as an Alderman on the London County Council .
Who’s Who. Adam and Charles Black.
politics Lucille Iremonger
She was a Conservative in politics (like her husband), and belonged successively to the Conservative Association s of Ilford (his constituency, where she was the association's vice-president) and Norwood in South London. She was a...
politics Gillian Allnutt
In the ten houses which comprised Richmond Avenue Housing (off the Caledonian Road) GA and the other members of the co-op lived as squatters and then as short-life tenants under the Greater London Council
politics Laura Ormiston Chant
LOC spoke at a meeting of the Licensing Committee of London County Council to oppose the renewal of the Empire Theatre 's licence.
Bland, Lucy. Banishing the Beast: Feminism, Sex and Morality. Tauris Parke.
politics Laura Ormiston Chant
Later assessments of LOC 's social purity work have likewise been mixed. Heloise Brown describes her as advocating from an Evangelical feminist position
’The Truest Form of Patriotism’: Pacifist Feminism in Britain, 1870-1902. Manchester University Press.
a reactionary form of social purity
’The Truest Form of Patriotism’: Pacifist Feminism in Britain, 1870-1902. Manchester University Press.
which sought to remove...
politics Kate Parry Frye
The Frye family was actively political throughout KPF 's formative years, mostly on behalf of the Liberal Party : her mother expected Kate to attend the North Kensington Women's Liberal Association meetings hosted in the...
Reception Kathleen E. Innes
The book's popularity undoubtedly came from its having been approved for use in London County Council schools. KEI , a former schoolteacher, still had connections with teachers and knew what teaching materials were needed.
Residence Violet Hunt
VH lived at South Lodge until her death. The Greater London Council placed a commemorative blue plaque there, but as of 2002, it acknowledged South Lodge only as one of the residences of VH 's...


1855: The Metropolitan Board of Works, an indirectly...

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The Metropolitan Board of Works , an indirectly elected body, was set up to supervise public infrastructure in London.

1866: The Royal Society of Arts established a scheme...

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The Royal Society of Arts established a scheme (believed to be the first in the world) for setting up commemorative plaques on buildings associated with famous people.
Quinn, Ben. “Plaque blues. Cuts hit heritage scheme”. Guardian Weekly, p. 16.

November 1888: The Society for Promoting Women as County...

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November 1888

17 January 1889: Supported by the Society for Promoting Women...

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17 January 1889

Supported by the Society for Promoting Women as County Councillors , Margaret, Lady Sandhurst , and Jane Cobden became the first women to be elected to the newly formed London County Council .

January 1889: Emma Cons became the first woman to be nominated...

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January 1889

Emma Cons became the first woman to be nominated and to serve as alderman (one step up from a councillor) on the new London County Council , on the basis of her housing activism and...

18 March 1889: As a result of the suit of Beresford Hope...

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18 March 1889

As a result of the suit of Beresford Hope v. Sandhurst, Margaret, Lady Sandhurst , lost her position on the London County Council .

13 July 1899: The London Government Act created twenty-eight...

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13 July 1899

The London Government Act created twenty-eight Metropolitan Borough Councils to replace the forty-one parish vestries and district boards of works in the capital. Women, previously eligible for election as vestrywomen, were denied eligibility for the...

1906: Avery Hill, a teachers' training college...

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Avery Hill , a teachers' training college founded by the London County Council , opened in London.

1907: The London County Council banned stage tableaus...

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The London County Council banned stage tableaus or living pictures (erotic in content), and in their place the Palace Theatre engaged Maud Allan as a solo dancer.

5 March 1910: Two women, Henrietta Adler and Susan Lawrence,...

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5 March 1910

Two women, Henrietta Adler and Susan Lawrence , were elected to the London County Council for Hackney Central in the first LCC elections since the Qualification of Women Act of 28 August 1907 allowed any...

17 July 1922: Ralph Knott designed London County Hall for...

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17 July 1922

Ralph Knott designed London County Hall for the London County Council, which was inaugurated on this day.

1963: The London County Council, created in 1889,...

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The London County Council , created in 1889, was replaced by the Greater London Council or GLC.

December 1964: The Greater London Council began to offer...

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December 1964

The Greater London Council began to offer family planning advice to unmarried people.

Early 1975: Gay Sweatshop Theatre Company was founded...

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Early 1975

Gay Sweatshop Theatre Company was founded as a result of plans by a London co-operative community arts resource centre, Inter-Action , for a season of gay plays to follow their successful women's season.

1986: Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher abolished...

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Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher abolished the Greater London Council or GLC (then headed by socialist maverick Ken Livingstone ), leaving London as the world's largest city with no central metropolitan authority.


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