Maud Allan

Standard Name: Allan, Maud


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Textual Features B. M. Croker
The hero of this novel (after whom it is titled) is a gentleman who (rather like Terence) has to deal with Anglo-Indian society looking at him askance because he takes a job working on the...
Textual Features E. Nesbit
Salome and the Head deals quite revealingly with female sexual experience. It is set at Yalding on the Medway. Sandra, its heroine, a dancer famous for her rendering of Wilde 's Salome (to Strauss


1907: The London County Council banned stage tableaus...

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The London County Council banned stage tableaus or living pictures (erotic in content), and in their place the Palace Theatre engaged Maud Allan as a solo dancer.

April 1918: An article in Noel Pemberton Billing's weekly...

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April 1918

An article in Noel Pemberton Billing 's weekly Vigilante alleged that the Germans had identified 47,000 Britons who could be blackmailed into treason because of their deviant sexuality.


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