Henry Tonks

Standard Name: Tonks, Henry


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Education Margaret Legge
The facts that she writes about art students, and that she attended the memorial service for art professor Henry Tonks on 15 January 1937, suggest that she may—like the somewhat younger Berta Ruck , Gwen John
Education Berta Ruck
BR studied art first at Lambeth School of Art, then, on a London County Council scholarship, at the Slade School of Art in London, where she was taught by Henry Tonks . She then...
Instructor Clemence Dane
As a teenager, CD wrote later, she suffered much in dancing-classes and wore her prejudice against dance like armour in [her] first battles with the world.
Dane, Clemence. London Has a Garden. Michael Joseph.
On her return from Geneva she began the...
Instructor Iris Tree
Around 1910, IT began attending the Slade School of Art in London, where she studied under Henry Tonks and Ambrose McEvoy . Her time as an art student was also a time of exploration...
Instructor Dorothy Brett
Brett proved an exceptional Slade student. She received first prize for figure painting in her final year. She particularly drew the attention of two of her instructors, Henry Tonks andFrederick Brown . She was...
Instructor Dora Carrington
Critic Jane Hill notes that though Carrington entered the Slade at a remarkable period in its own history (Henry Tonks called it a second, and last, crisis of brilliance)
Birne, Eleanor. “At Dulwich Picture Gallery”. London Review of Books, Vol.
, No. 17, p. 37.
and in that of...
Textual Features Pat Barker
The story begins with the ambitions and emotional entanglements of a small group of Slade School of Art students (two men, Paul Tarrant and the precocious success Kit Neville, and one strikingly talented woman, Elinor...
Textual Production Dora Carrington
Selected by Roger Fry , Carrington 's Tulips was shown at the Grosvenor Galleries ' Nameless Exhibition of Modern British Painting.
At this exhibition, Henry Tonks (who had supervised both Carrington and Vanessa Bell


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