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death Sir Thomas Malory
He was, however, buried at Newgate : at St Francis's Chapel in Greyfriars.
death Maria Barrell
MB , having having had her death sentence commuted to transportation to New South Wales, died in Newgate Prison , London, while waiting for the sentence to be carried out.
Ashfield, Andrew. Emails to Isobel Grundy about Maria Barrell.
death Sir Thomas Malory
STM , narrator of Arthurian legends, died in London. Contrary to most accounts before recent times, it is not certain that he died at Newgate Prison .
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Reiss, Edmund. Sir Thomas Malory. Twayne.
Field, P. J. C. The Life and Times of Sir Thomas Malory. D. S. Brewer, p. x; 218 pp.
Family and Intimate relationships Hester Biddle
HB 's son Daniel , one of the four children of her marriage, was born.
Historian Lydia L. Rickman speculates that Daniel may have been born while HB was in Newgate Prison.
Rickman, Lydia L. “Esther Biddle and Her Mission to Louis XIV”. Friends Historical Society Journal, Vol.
, pp. 38-45.
Family and Intimate relationships Anne Whitehead
He paid heavily for his Quaker beliefs. He was arrested and imprisoned in London'sNewgate prison, where he died on 5 February 1665.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Family and Intimate relationships Sarah Flower Adams
Sarah' s father, Benjamin Flower , was a political writer, a religious dissenter, and the editor and publisher of the Cambridge Intelligencer, which first published six of Coleridge 's early poems. In 1799 he...
Friends, Associates Maria Edgeworth
Among her many social engagements, she attended a house-party at the home of Whig MP and agriculturalist Sir John Sebright , whose guests included Dr Wollaston and the science-writers Jane Marcet and Mary Somerville ...
Material Conditions of Writing Hester Biddle
She wrote this in Newgate Prison in London. The nations are England, Scotland, and Ireland.
Material Conditions of Writing Anne Askew
AA is said to have composed and sung the ballad which is her best-known work, in Newgate Prison the night before her execution.
Beilin, Elaine V., and Anne Askew. “Introduction”. The Examinations of Anne Askew, Oxford University Press.
Askew, Anne. The Examinations of Anne Askew. Editor Beilin, Elaine V., Oxford University Press.
Other Life Event Maria Barrell
She claimed she had done some business for a widow: enabling her to receive prize-money of some unidentified description which the widow was unable to get hold of without help. This widow, she said, had...
Other Life Event Maria Barrell
This was also the term now used in court for the crime for which she had served her sentence in Newgate two years before. Counterfeiting was a capital offence: she was found guilty and condemned...
Other Life Event Mary Carleton
MC was committed to Newgate on a charge of bigamy, having further antagonised the presiding magistrate, Sir Edmund Berry Godfrey , by answering back and cracking jokes. Extra charges of theft and of being a...
politics Hester Biddle
HB was imprisoned in Newgate Prison for speaking publicly in the street.
Hobby, Elaine. Virtue of Necessity: English Women’s Writing 1646-1688. Virago.
politics Elizabeth Cellier
The double agent Willoughby (otherwise Thomas Dangerfield ) had concealed the evidence in order to incriminate her. Interrogated in Newgate PrisonNewgate Prison, EC proved bold and disrespectful of authority. She was, she said, not the...
politics Thomas Holcroft
TH was indicted for high treason under government legislation against sedition. He refused to flee abroad, but gave himself up and was confined in Newgate Prison .
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Goodwin, Albert. The Friends of Liberty: The English Democratic Movement in the Age of the French Revolution. Hutchinson.


22 May 1685: Titus Oates, the informer in the alleged...

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22 May 1685

Titus Oates , the informer in the alleged Popish Plot, was whipped through the London streets at a cart's tail from Newgate Prison , where he was incarcerated, to Tyburn.

17 June 1721: Newspapers reported the royal plan for an...

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17 June 1721

Newspapers reported the royal plan for an experiment as to the safety of inoculation against smallpox, to be conducted on inmates of Newgate Prison in London.

9 August 1721: Charles Maitland, under the patronage of...

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9 August 1721

Charles Maitland , under the patronage of Princess Caroline , experimentally inoculated six Newgate prisoners (three of each sex) against smallpox.

27 January 1722: Daniel Defoe anonymously published The Fortunes...

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27 January 1722

Daniel Defoe anonymously published The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the famous Moll Flanders, his first fictional autobiography of a criminal woman.

8 November 1728: The mercury Anne Dodd was sentenced to Newgate...

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8 November 1728

The mercuryAnne Dodd was sentenced to Newgate Prison for publishing a libel; she had petitioned against the sentence, as a working woman not as a figure of pathos.

7 November 1783: The last public hanging took place at Tyburn...

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7 November 1783

The last public hanging took place at Tyburn in London (near where Marble Arch now stands), putting an end to the practice of parading the condemned through town en route to the scene of execution.

1813: Elizabeth Gurney Fry first visited Newgate...

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Elizabeth Gurney Fry first visited Newgate Prison in London; horrified at conditions there, she began providing food and education for female and child prisoners, and agitated for prison reform.

30 November 1824: A banker, Henry Fauntleroy, was hanged for...

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30 November 1824

A banker, Henry Fauntleroy , was hanged for forgery at Newgate Prison in London, before a crowd of 100,000. The bank he had worked for was that of Anne Marsh 's husband's family.

3 May 1834: William Harrison Ainsworth published his...

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3 May 1834

William Harrison Ainsworth published his hugely successful first novel, Rookwood.


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