Thomas Holcroft

Standard Name: Holcroft, Thomas


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Dedications Fanny Holcroft
She dedicated this book to the memory of her father, Thomas Holcroft .
Employer Fanny Holcroft
During his last years FH had worked as her father 's amanuensis. She became sufficiently identified with him in the public mind to share in the abuse heaped on him by, for instance, The Anti-Jacobin.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Gifford, John, editor. The Anti-Jacobin Review and Magazine. Periodical Publications.
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Inchbald
After her husband's death (reported Boaden ) they were expected to marry, but they did not. Perhaps Kemble, who was characterised as aloof, never proposed. Or perhaps, although she had many suitors after her husband's...
Family and Intimate relationships Fanny Holcroft
FH 's father Thomas Holcroft , playwright, novelist, autobiographer, and self-made man of letters, died.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Family and Intimate relationships Fanny Holcroft
FH 's father, Thomas Holcroft , had lived an itinerant life as a boy while his parents were pedlars, and had then worked as a lad in a racing stable, living and sleeping with the...
Family and Intimate relationships Amelia Opie
Both Holcroft (who, four times married and widowed, was now fresh from being arrested for treason and discharged) and Godwin (while not yet a lover of Wollstonecraft) took a romantic or flirtatious as well as...
Family and Intimate relationships Charlotte Dacre
CD 's father was born Jacob Rey , a Portuguese Sephardic Jew in London. Tom Paine the radical later recalled that as a poor and friendless child in Ailiffe-Street, an obscure part of the...
Family and Intimate relationships Eliza Fenwick
The date of EF 's marriage to John Fenwick is not known, though it seems that she was young at the time, still in her teens. He was nine years older, like her the child...
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Wollstonecraft
Four months after her return to England MW received an impassioned written proposal of marriage, which may perhaps have come from the currently widowed Thomas Holcroft .
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
under Holcroft
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Inchbald
EI met Thomas Holcroft , the dramatist and radical social reformer, who was associated with what was later termed the Jacobin movement.
Inchbald, Elizabeth. “Introduction”. A Simple Story, edited by Jane Spencer and Joyce Marjorie Sanxter Tompkins, Oxford University Press, p. vii - xxxiii.
Manvell, Roger. Elizabeth Inchbald: England’s Principal Woman Dramatist and Independent Woman of Letters in 18th Century London. University Press of America.
Friends, Associates Mary Shelley
Visitors to the family included William Wordsworth , William Hazlitt , Charles Lamb , Thomas Holcroft , Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Maria Edgeworth .
Hill-Miller, Katherine C. ’My Hideous Progeny’: Mary Shelley, William Godwin, and the Father-Daughter Relationship. University of Delaware Press; Associated University Presses.
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Friends, Associates Mary Hays
This was her most formative and most famous friendship. She had approached Wollstonecraft after the latter published Vindication of the Rights of Woman early that same year. Wollstonecraft proved a valuable professional mentor. Another relationship...
Friends, Associates Amelia Opie
In London she met many artists, writers, and politically active reformists: as well as Godwin , she met Elizabeth Inchbald , Mary Wollstonecraft (who impressed her deeply, and trusted her enough to confide her plans...
Friends, Associates Anne Plumptre
Their friends included Eliza Fenwick , Helen Maria Williams , Susannah Taylor , Mary Hays , Amelia Opie , Thomas Holcroft , John Thelwall , and other radicals. AP supported Thelwall's local electioneering, and Ann Jebb
Friends, Associates Mary Wollstonecraft
On her return to London MW sought out the publisher Joseph Johnson , of 72, St Paul's Churchyard, who became her patron, helper, and friend. He introduced her to Sarah Trimmer , Anna Letitia Barbauld


7 February 1792: Thomas Holcroft, radical or Jacobin novelist...

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7 February 1792

Thomas Holcroft , radical or Jacobin novelist and dramatist of working-class origins (father of another future writer, Fanny Holcroft ) published his novel Anna St Ives.

18 February 1792: Thomas Holcroft's play The Road to Ruin,...

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18 February 1792

Thomas Holcroft 's playThe Road to Ruin, which Elizabeth Inchbald ranked among the most successful of modern plays,
Hazlitt, William et al. “Introduction”. The Life of Thomas Holcroft, edited by Elbridge Colby, Constable, p. 1: xv - lv.
had its premiere.
The London Stage 1660-1800. Southern Illinois University Press.
5: 1428

14 June 1792: Robert Bage anonymously published his radical...

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14 June 1792

Robert Bage anonymously published his radicalnovelMan As He Is, in which a young baronet learns to rise above the vices of his class.

March 1793: Thomas Holcroft, in his Monthly review of...

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March 1793

Thomas Holcroft , in his Monthly review of Robert Bage 's recent Man As He Is, made disparaging remarks about young ladies who write novels, as well as those who read them; he may...

November 1802: Thomas Holcroft's "A Tale of Mystery", produced...

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November 1802

Thomas Holcroft 's "A Tale of Mystery", produced at Covent Garden , formally introduced melodrama to the English stage.

By May 1816: William Hazlitt edited, completed, expanded,...

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By May 1816

William Hazlitt edited, completed, expanded, and published The Life of Thomas Holcroft, which had been left unfinished when the radical Thomas Holcroft died.


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