Sir Edmund Berry Godfrey

Standard Name: Godfrey, Sir Edmund Berry


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Material Conditions of Writing Ephelia
The royal licence indicates that the gentlewoman attribution must have been accurate. The date belongs to the height of the plot: that is, the anti-Catholic furore that followed the murder of Sir Edmund Berry Godfrey
Other Life Event Mary Carleton
MC was committed to Newgate on a charge of bigamy, having further antagonised the presiding magistrate, Sir Edmund Berry Godfrey , by answering back and cracking jokes. Extra charges of theft and of being a...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Emma Robinson
The highly involved plot of this novel brought together a number of high-profile historical London figures to surround the hero and heroine of its love-story: the Merry Monarch himself, his lower-class mistress Nell Gwyn ...


17 October 1678: The discovery of the murdered body of Sir...

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17 October 1678

The discovery of the murdered body of Sir Edmund Berry Godfrey , a well-liked magistrate, was taken as confirming the rumours of a Popish Plot.


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