Thomas Dangerfield

Standard Name: Dangerfield, Thomas


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Family and Intimate relationships Lady Lucy Herbert
Lady Powis (as she was until 1689)
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
used her rank to help her fellow Catholics: for instance, she served as patron to the midwife Elizabeth Cellier , commissioning her for a kind of survey of...
politics Elizabeth Cellier
The double agent Willoughby (otherwise Thomas Dangerfield ) had concealed the evidence in order to incriminate her. Interrogated in Newgate PrisonNewgate Prison, EC proved bold and disrespectful of authority. She was, she said, not the...
Textual Features Aphra Behn
Maria, the beautiful, speechless protagonist of The Dumb Virgin, has an elder sister, Belvidera, who is visibly deformed in limb: both disabilities are due to their mother's emotional state at their birth, to a...
Textual Features Elizabeth Cellier
In narrating her life and religious-political activities, EC presents a likeably tough and feisty character. She points out, however, that she has preserved the modesty though not the timorousness of her sex, and hopes her...


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