Anne Dodd

Standard Name: Dodd, Anne


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Publishing Eliza Haywood
EH worked on this during summer 1720. The title-page said 1721, and bore her name.
Spedding, Patrick. A Bibliography of Eliza Haywood. Pickering and Chatto.
Gerrard, Christine. Aaron Hill: The Muses’ Projector 1685-1750. Oxford University Press.
Whicher, George Frisbie. The Life and Romances of Mrs. Eliza Haywood. Columbia University Press.
The work is a translation, or more precisely a paraphrase, from the French of Edmé Boursault
Publishing Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
Each issue of To the Imitator was priced at sixpence. One appeared through a trade publisher, James Roberts , and one through a mercury, Anne Dodd . Both these were pamphlet-producers who offered...
Textual Production Eliza Haywood
The publisher, John Millan , used the false imprint of N. Dobb, probably in allusion to Anne Dodd . Haywood set her name to the third edition, 1728, which includes another of her short...
Textual Production Alexander Pope
This early version had three books. The name on the colophon, Anne Dodd , is probably another fiction.
Pope, Alexander. The Poems of Alexander Pope. Editor Butt, John, Methuen; Yale University Press.
5: xvii
The book's appearance is described by Pope's biographer Maynard Mack as that of a an...


Autumn 1728: Elizabeth Nutt and Anne Dodd each submitted...

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Autumn 1728

Elizabeth Nutt and Anne Dodd each submitted a petition from prison against their punishment for publishing a libel.

8 November 1728: The mercury Anne Dodd was sentenced to Newgate...

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8 November 1728

The mercuryAnne Dodd was sentenced to Newgate Prison for publishing a libel; she had petitioned against the sentence, as a working woman not as a figure of pathos.

17 July 1729: The all-female mercury firms of Elizabeth...

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17 July 1729

The all-female mercury firms of Elizabeth Nutt and Anne Dodd were summonsed about a libel they had published. Subordinate members of each firm testified that the mistress was not responsible, having been away ill at...

26 August 1731: The Grub-Street Journal celebrated Phillis...

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26 August 1731

The Grub-Street Journal celebrated Phillis Leveridge , a hawker who worked for Anne Dodd , for her peculiar happiness of misnaming, wresting and commenting upon almost every thing she carries.

1735: An all-female conger or group of publishers...

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An all-female conger or group of publishers (including Elizabeth Nutt and Anne Dodd ) got together to finance the expensive Annotations on the Holy Bible.

Before 22 April 1739: Anne Dodd, for almost thirty years the best-known...

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Before 22 April 1739

Anne Dodd , for almost thirty years the best-known of all the Londonmercuries or trade publishers, died, leaving the business to her daughters.


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