Anne Askew

Standard Name: Askew, Anne
Birth Name: Anne Askew
Married Name: Anne Kyme
AA 's fame as a Prostestant martyr was in origin dependent on her own testimony. Her accounts of her legal trials in 1545 and 1546, with torture—part debate, part autobiography, part reporting—are unique texts. Her two extant poems also deserve to be better known.


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Cultural formation Jessie Boucherett
Presumably white, JB was born into a propertied Protestant family. The family estate at Willingham, Lincolnshire, had been passed down from Mathew Boucherett , a Frenchman who emigrated to England in 1644. Helen Blackburn
Education Mary Collier
MC writes, No Learning ever was bestow'd on me; / My Life was always spent in Drudgery.
Collier, Mary et al. “The Woman’s Labour”. The Thresher’s Labour and The Woman’s Labour, edited by Edward Palmer Thompson et al., Merlin.
But she learned to read very early, and continued learning into adult life. She later listed her...
Education Grace, Lady Mildmay
Lady Sharington employed a governess named Hamblyn for her daughters, who was a niece of her husband. Mrs Hamblyn took great pains with the character and moral training of her charges, and taught Grace some...
Family and Intimate relationships Margaret Fell
He was descended from the family of the Protestant writer and martyr Anne Askew .
Family and Intimate relationships Lucy Hutton
The couple had two sons, one of whom (named William after his father) was still alive in 1811. The elder William Hutton was a remarkable man, who like his wife expressed in writing his original...
Friends, Associates Katherine Parr
She interested herself in women's bible-studying groups, in which her associates included Catherine Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk , Elizabeth, Lady Tyrwhit , and Anne Askew .
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhit
Although Lady Tyrwhit was a cousin by marriage of Katherine Parr , their shared allegiance to the reformed religion was probably the key to their relationship. The Protestant historian John Foxe wrote that Elizabeth Tyrwhit...
Friends, Associates Katherine Parr
In Lincolnshire KP was near the home of the child Anne Askew , whom she may well have met during these years and to whom she seems to have passed on the teaching of Vives .
Martienssen, Anthony. Queen Katherine Parr. McGraw-Hill.
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhit
Tyrwhit's collection of prayers is thought to date from the mid 1550s, and tradition suggests that it was written for the future Queen Elizabeth I during her imprisonment by her sister Queen Mary , but...
Literary responses Margery Kempe
The year 2018 was a high point in MK studies, with the first academic conference devoted to her, and the establishment of the Margery Kempe Society . Diane Watt summarized the growth of her reputation...
Occupation Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhit
Elizabeth Tyrwhit 's life at Court took a different turn after Katherine Parr 's marriage to Henry VIII (on 12 July 1543). She participated with the queen and a whole group of court ladies in...
politics Katherine Parr
For women to take it upon themselves to make their own study of Holy Scripture was an act of ideological resistance. The arrest and first trial of Anne Askew in March 1545 turned the Queen's...
politics Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhit
Lady Tyrwhit's fervent Protestantism was, at this date, a highly politicized position. She and her group of court ladies were hounded by highly-placed religious traditionalists, enemies of Katherine Parr , since the queen was well...
politics Katherine Parr
The day after Anne Askew was executed, Henry agreed at KP 's persuasion to halt the religious persecutions: two men in the Tower under the same Act were released and no more were burned.
Martienssen, Anthony. Queen Katherine Parr. McGraw-Hill.
Textual Features Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna
Pre-eminent among the Protestant heroines treated by Foxe is Anne Askew , whose own texts he includes. Anna Eliza Bray had published a novel inspired by Foxe in 1828.


1582: Thomas Bentley edited The Monument of Matrones,...

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Thomas Bentley edited The Monument of Matrones, an important anthology containing writings by women, mostly religious.

1732: A printer in Smithfield, London, began issuing...

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A printer in Smithfield, London, began issuing in instalments a new, revised edition of Foxe 's Book of Martyrs.


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