William Wordsworth

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Anthologization L. E. L.
LEL's poetry was included in Christian Isobel Johnstone 's 1842 Rational Reading Lessons for children, and in 1879 in Louisa Anne Meredith 's Our Island Home, A Tasmanian Sketch Book, alongside other work by...
Characters E. H. Young
Quite unlike her later books, this one features a solitary heroine who takes a Wordsworth ian delight in nature.
Mezei, Kathy, and Chiara Briganti. “’She must be a very good novelist’: Rereading E. H. Young (1880-1949)”. English Studies in Canada, No. 3, pp. 303 - 31.
Dedications Felicia Hemans
National Lyrics, which collected many of the lyrics FH had written for her sister and for composers, was dedicated to her friend Rose Lawrence , and Scenes to Wordsworth .
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Hemans, Felicia. “Introduction and Editorial Materials”. Felicia Hemans: Selected Poems, Prose, and Letters, edited by Gary Kelly, Broadview, 2002, pp. 12 - 89; various pages.
Dedications Sara Coleridge
This work had been begun by SC 's husband, Henry Nelson Coleridge , but she completed it after his early death.
British Library Catalogue.
She dedicated this edition to Wordsworth (with his slightly reluctant permission), as his Child...
Dedications Maria Jane Jewsbury
The editor of the Manchester Courier, Alaric Watts , encouraged her to compile a volume of her writing and persuaded Hurst and Robinson to publish the result, this book. She received £100 for Phantasmagoria...
Dedications Louisa Anne Meredith
Louisa Anne Twamley (later LAM ) followed her Poems with several more books of verse on botanical themes. First came The Romance of Nature; or, The Flower Seasons, 1836, which again combines verse (about...
Education Jean Ingelow
In later years she expanded her reading to include Shakespeare , Southey , Scott , Wordsworth , and Tennyson . She also read Henry Drummond 's Natural Law in the Spiritual World and hisTropical Africa and Charles Lamb 's Letters.
Some Recollections of Jean Ingelow and Her Early Friends. Kennikat Press, 1972.
British Library Catalogue.
Peters, Maureen. Jean Ingelow: Victorian Poetess. Boydell, 1972.
Education Anna Brownell Jameson
Anna was educated by Miss Yokeley , a governess, who taught her French. After the departure of Miss Yokeley, some time between 1803 and 1806, Anna acted as governess to her sisters. She also taught...
Education Rudyard Kipling
Even during the years of the detested Southsea school RK was developing an appreciation for literature. He writes of being surprised when reading (something Mrs Holloway forced him to do under threat of punishment) turned...
Education Florence Dixie
Lady Florence was at first educated at home in Scotland. After a first, unsuccessful attempt to place her in a convent she had, in France, an Irish Catholic governess whom she calls Miss O'Leary...
Education John Ruskin
Taught at home until the age of fourteen by his parents and private tutors, JR developed his drawing, and received an education that encouraged a love of Romantic Literature (including Byron , Wordsworth , and...
Education Una Marson
UM 's favourite subject was English literature. She particularly loved Wordsworth , who inspired her to resolve not . . . to be a good wage earner, but enjoy plain living and high thinking and...
Education Freya Stark
Family friends sympathetic to Freya's feelings of entrapment at Dronero sent her gifts of books: she was especially passionate about Shakespeare , Sir Walter Scott , Byron , Keats , Kipling , Shelley , Wordsworth
Education Nina Bawden
NB wanted to leave school to be a war correspondent, but a strong-minded aunt persuaded her to try for Somerville College, Oxford. In the general paper of the entrance exam, she wrote on the future...
Education Anna Mary Howitt
Until her mid-teens, AMH moved freely in the literary atmosphere surrounding her parents. William Wordsworth gave her a copy of a selection of his poems that had been chosen for children. When her parents brought...


The first, posthumous, printing of Thomas Gray 's sonnet on the death of Richard West caused a literary sensation; it laid the foundation for Charlotte Smith 's Elegiac Sonnets, 1784, and the revival of the sonnet form.
William Gifford , in his satire The Baviad, became the first to attack the Della Cruscan body of poetry which notably included work by Robert Merry and Hannah Cowley .
29 January 1793
William Wordsworth published two early poems, An Evening Walk and Descriptive Sketches.
Early 1798 to May 1805
William Wordsworth composed the early version of what became The Prelude, as a distraction from the effort of working at his unrealised great poem.
4 October 1798
Wordsworth and Coleridge published at Bristol the first edition of their epoch-making poetry collection Lyrical Ballads.
About 25 January 1801
The second edition of Lyrical Ballads appeared, in two volumes, including along with its poems by Wordsworth and Coleridge the former's famous Preface, written in 1800.
15 April 1802
Dorothy Wordsworth recorded in her diary how she and her brother , out walking, came on a mass of wild daffodils in bloom at the edge of a lake.
3 September 1802
William Wordsworth composed his well-known sonnetUpon Westminster Bridge, responding to the power of the city, as well as countryside or wilderness, to arouse transcendent feelings.
Probably early May 1807
William Wordsworth published Poems in Two Volumes; the Critical Review commented unkindly: A silly book is a serious evil; but it becomes absolutely insupportable when written by a man of sense.
From April 1810
The Rev. Joseph Wilkinson 's Select Views in Cumberland, Westmorland, and Lancashire appeared in instalments, containing William Wordsworth 's introductory Description of the Scenery of the English Lakes and later text.
Probably August 1814
William Wordsworth published his poemThe Excursion.
March 1815
William Wordsworth published his Miscellaneous Poems in two volumes; a third volume was added in 1820.
28 December 1817
The painter Benjamin Haydon held what later became known as the immortal dinner so that the young John Keats might meet the eminent William Wordsworth .
Early 1818
William Hazlitt opened On the Living Poets, the last of his Lectures on the English Poets, with a statement on gender issues.
Christmas 1819
William Wordsworth presented Lady Mary Lowther with a little manuscript volume of poems: those by women were mostly copied from the pages of Poems by Eminent Ladies.