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Characters Beatrice Harraden
Its heroine, Nora Penshurst, is a New Woman, educated, independent, and assertive. She is the daughter of a musician with bluff and hearty tastes, whom BH is said to have based on her father...
Education Jane Welsh Carlyle
But by the end of his first visit, Jane Welsh agreed to allow Carlyle to supervise her reading, and on his departure he provided her with a list of books by authors including Tasso ,...
Education C. E. Plumptre
Though nothing is know of CEP 's early education, in later life she kept an extensive library. On visiting her, Frederick James Gould noted that it was selected and arranged in an impressive order which...
Education Colette
Colette wrote later of the way that a free and solitary childhood and adolescence, with plenty of opportunity to develop self-awareness and without any pressure to self-expression, had shaped her mind before the compulsion to...
Education Marie Corelli
Looking back on her early education, MC wrote I managed to develop into a curiously determined independent little personality, with ideas and opinions more suited to some clever young man. . . . I instinctively...
Education Dora Russell
Her subjects included German and French, philosophy and literature, particularly such writers as Kant , Heine , Pascal , Racine , and Voltaire . Among English authors, she admired George Meredith (Modern Love))...
Education Isak Dinesen
Much of ID 's education was self-administered. She read voraciously whether in Denmark or Africa, and was particularly well grounded in the Danish, other European, and English literature of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries: Spinoza
Education Elinor Glyn
After Elinor Sutherland (later EG ) turned fourteen she no longer had a governess. Eager for intellectual stimulation, she took it upon herself to read everything in her stepfather 's book collection, which had recently...
Family and Intimate relationships Anne-Thérèse de Lambert
ATL 's stepfather was the poet François de Bachaumont , a man of wit and pleasure whose gifts and character were admired by Voltaire .
Hayley, Eliza, and Anne-Thérèse de Lambert. “Introductory Letter to William Melmoth, Esq.”. Essays on Friendship and Old-Age, Dodsley, 1780, pp. 5 - 34.
Fassiotto, Marie-José. Madame de Lambert. Peter Lang, 1984.
Spencer, Samia I., editor. Writers of the French Enlightenment I. Gale, 2005.
Family and Intimate relationships Dorothy Richardson
Odle illustrated editions of Voltaire 's Candide, Swift 's Gulliver's Travels, Wilde 's The Sphinx, and Twain 's 1601, among others; his images also appeared in such periodicals as The Gypsy...
Family and Intimate relationships Anne Ridler
It was suggested to Vivian Ridler that he was indicating insufficient commitment; personal relations within the Press appear to have had something to do with it. He found another job setting up a private press...
Friends, Associates Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
On her first visit to Paris, she met Germaine de Staël , and formed lasting friendships with the marquise de Villette (Voltaire 's adopted daughter) and with Elizabeth Patterson (an American heiress, the abandoned...
Friends, Associates Françoise de Graffigny
She became acquainted with most of the intellectual and cultural leaders of French society. She visited Voltaire and Emilie du Châtelet at Cirey in 1738-9. These two, as well as other Enlightenment figures such as...
Intertextuality and Influence Hannah More
Several of the Cheap Repository Tracts specifically answer texts by Voltaire or Paine .
Jones, Mary Gwladys. Hannah More. Cambridge University Press, 1952.
The eponymous Shepherd of Salisbury Plain has an invalid wife, six children, an income of eight shillings a week, and...
Intertextuality and Influence Eleanor Sleath
The action of this novel takes place in many different parts of Italy. Its features include a mystery over the heroine's birth (her mother was an escaped nun and her father was burned by...


1532-early 1552
These years saw the gradual appearance of the work of scurrilous, obscene, and philosophicalsatire generally known in English as Gargantua and Pantagruel, by François Rabelais (1483?-?9 April 1553).
By 26 March 1741
Emilie du Chatelet composed, within a month, a refutation to sexist attack by Jean-Baptiste Dortous de Mairin , Secretary of the Académie Française , on her Treatise on the Nature of Fire.
1 November 1755
A major earthquake at Lisbon in Portugal killed more than 10,000 people (estimates vary), provoking theological debate between Rousseau and Voltaire about the nature of evil.
14 March 1757
Admiral John Byng was executed (by firing-squad on the deck of his own flagship) for his part in the loss of the Mediterranean island of Minorca to the French the previous year: a step towards...
Early 1759
Voltaire published his most famous single work, the philosophicaltaleCandide; ou, L'Optimisme, simultaneously in several different countries; three English translations appeared that same year.
Wade, Ira O. “The First Edition of Candide: A Problem of Identification”. Princeton University Library Chronicle, pp. 63 -88.
An Essay on Crimes and Punishments appeared, the English translation of the marchese Cesare Beccaria 's Dei delitti e delle pene, 1764, with a commentary attributed to Voltaire .
28 December 1817
The painter Benjamin Haydon held what later became known as the immortal dinner so that the young John Keats might meet the eminent William Wordsworth .
15 June 1916
A small international group of artists at Zurich in Switzerland (where many of them were sitting out the First World War) began this summer to call their indignant, iconoclastic work Dada or Dadaism. On this...
16 April 2007
Novelist Yann Martel began a project of sending a book every two weeks to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper together with an admonitory letter; on a website he recorded the books sent and gave the...