Anne-Thérèse de Lambert

Standard Name: Lambert, Anne-Thérèse de
Birth Name: Marie-Anne-Thérèse de Marguenat de Courcelles
Titled: Anne-Thérèse, marquise de Lambert
Used Form: Anne-Therese de Lambert
Used Form: Anne-Therese Lambert
Pseudonym: Une Dame de la Cour de France
ATL is remembered both for the Paris salon which she ran during the early decades of the eighteenth century, which was highly influential for French literature and culture, and for her writings. These include advice-writings, a treatise on the status of women, and essays on friendship, old age, and other popular topics. They were just as influential in English translation as in their original form.


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Anthologization Sarah, Lady Pennington
An Unfortunate Mother's Advice to her Absent Daughters quickly became a staple of composite volumes directed toward young women's conduct. At Edinburgh a volume of this kind, Instructions for a Young Lady, in every sphere...
Friends, Associates Anne Dacier
AD frequented the salon of the writer Anne-Thérèse de Lambert , where she became well acquainted with Antoine Houdart de La Motte (a combatant on the other side of the Battle of the Ancients and...
Intertextuality and Influence Sarah Murray
Frances Milton never blames her father for his unkindness; she still owes him total gratitude and devotion, which she seems to regard as on a par with our debt of love and gratitude to God...
Textual Features Sarah Trimmer
In addition to Catharine Cappe 's work on Sunday schools and versions of fairy stories by Marie-Catherine d'Aulnoy , the magazine reviewed work by a whole library of didactic, pedagogical, or improving writers, reprinted as...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Ann Thicknesse
Richard Graves may have been disappointed, for the introduction and early lives are substantially the same as in the 1778 version which he had already read (though Hester Mulso Chapone has been added to the...


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