Emilie du Châtelet

Standard Name: Châtelet, Emilie du
Used Form: Emilie du Chatelet


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Friends, Associates Françoise de Graffigny
She became acquainted with most of the intellectual and cultural leaders of French society. She visited Voltaire and Emilie du Châtelet at Cirey in 1738-9. These two, as well as other Enlightenment figures such as...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Nancy Mitford
Her book covers the years 1733-1749, that is, the period of Voltaire 's involvement with Emilie du Châtelet , up to the latter's death following childbirth. It uses then-unpublished letters. It has been variously assessed...


By 26 March 1741: Emilie du Chatelet composed, within a month,...

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By 26 March 1741

Emilie du Chatelet composed, within a month, a refutation to sexist attack by Jean-Baptiste Dortous de Mairin , Secretary of the Académie Française , on her Treatise on the Nature of Fire.

1758: Pierre-Joseph Boudier de Villemert published,...

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Pierre-Joseph Boudier de Villemert published, allegedly at Hamburg, a book called L'Ami des femmes, which remarked on the number and excellence of women writers in French.


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