Mary Delany

Standard Name: Delany, Mary
Birth Name: Mary Granville
Married Name: Mary Pendarves
Married Name: Mary Delany
Pseudonym: Aspasia
Indexed Name: Mrs Delany
MD 's writing was unpublished in her lifetime during the eighteenth century, but letters, occasional poems, and other writings (a libretto, a romance) were as much part of her daily life as her art works. Little except her letters survives.
Portrait of Mary Delany, by John Opie, 1782. Her face and grey hair are enclosed by a white cap; she wears a dark cloak with a hood, white linen at her neckline, and a pendant.
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death Mary Barber
Earlier in 1755 her friend Mary Delany had written that Barber's husband drinks his claret, smokes his pipe, and cares not a pin for any of his family.
Stewart, Wendy. “The Poetical Trade of Favours: Swift, Mary Barber, and the Counterfeit Letters”. Lumen, pp. 155 - 74.
He is thought to have survived...
Dedications Alexander Pope
It is dedicated to George Granville, Lord Lansdowne (uncle of the future Mary Delany ).
Education Constantia Grierson
Constantia Crawley (later CG ) became (through her own efforts, said Mary Barber ) proficient in Latin, Greek, history, theology, philosophy and mathematics. Laetitia Pilkington says she also knew Hebrew (which Mary Delany doubted), and...
Family and Intimate relationships Sarah Chapone
SC 's daughter Sally, to whom Mary Delany and her sister were both godparents, was probably born in spring 1731.
Wesley, John. The Works of John Wesley. Clarendon; Oxford University Press, 1983.
25: 280
Family and Intimate relationships Amelia Opie
This was John Opie's second marriage; his first wife had deserted him and their marriage had been dissolved by act of parliament. The second marriage remained childless. John Opie had been enjoying professional success in...
Friends, Associates Sarah Chapone
In her teens Sarah Kirkham developed a close friendship with a girl of her own age, Mary Granville (later Delany) , who called her Sappho and described her like this. She had an uncommon genius...
Friends, Associates Laetitia Pilkington
LP 's friendship with Constantia Grierson had begun before her marriage. Both she and her husband were friends and protegées of Swift , and she met and entertained the future Mary Delany on the latter's...
Friends, Associates Sarah Chapone
SC 's friendship with John Wesley continued after her marriage, and included Wesley's brother Charles , Mary Pendarves (later Delany) , and Mary's sister Anne Granville , who stayed at her house for a week...
Friends, Associates Caroline Herschel
Though CH recorded in summer 1774 that she had lost her only female acquaintance (apparently because her work for her brother left her no time for social life), she later met Charles and Frances Burney
Friends, Associates Jonathan Swift
Swift helped and befriended a number of women writers. He was a patron of Mary Barber , Constantia Grierson , an unidentified Mrs Sican , Mary Davys , and Laetitia Pilkington , a colleague of...
Friends, Associates Anna Miller
Anna Riggs (later ALM) grew up among the Bath community women: that is, Sarah Scott , Barbara Montagu , Mary Arnold , and Elizabeth Cutts . Margaret Mary Ravaud , who lived with...
Friends, Associates Jane Williams
JW became a member of the literary circle of Augusta Hall, later Lady Llanover (who is known as a patron of Lady Charlotte Guest and as editor of Mary Delany 's autobiography and correspondence).
Fraser, Maxwell. “Jane Williams (Ysgafell) 1806-1885”. Brycheiniog, pp. 95 - 114.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
under Augusta Hall
Friends, Associates Mary Barber
MB was a close friend of Constantia Grierson . Her friendship with Jonathan Swift endured many vicissitudes; that with Laetitia Pilkington did not survive her apparently siding with Pilkington's husband when the couple fell out...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Montagu
The leading figures in the movement were Montagu herself (who spent freely in hospitality, and who was later dubbed the Queen of the Bluestockings or Queen of the Blues) and Carter (the most intellectually...
Friends, Associates Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire
Georgiana did not restrict herself to this circle. She made some eminent older friends in the world of literature and culture, like Mary Delany , Elizabeth Montagu , and Samuel Johnson . From 1777 she...


25 March 1738
The Irish harper, composer, and song-writer Turlough Carolan (Toirdhealbhach Ó Cearbhalláin) , died.
McGuire, James, and James Quinn, editors. Dictionary of Irish Biography.
November 1739
The anonymous, probably female Sophia published a pamphlet entitled Woman not Inferior to Man.
February 1741
Mary Pendarves (later Delany) wrote of her friend the Duchess of Queensberry 's court dress representing botanically exact flowers of many species, with the banks and tree-stumps they grew on.
2 May 1742
Lady Euston , formerly Lady Dorothy Boyle , died of her husband's ill-treatment within seven months of her wedding.
13 September 1742
Frances Williams wrote a letter of pure anger to her husband , who had hinted that she must have infected him with venereal disease when it was actually the other way round.
23 November 1752
George Ballard dated his preface to Memoirs of Several Ladies of Great Britain . . . (better known as Memoirs of Eminent Ladies); it was published that year.
US writer Susan Coolidge (Sarah Chauncy, or Chauncey, Woolsey) published her highly popular and influential story for girls entitled What Katy Did.
American National Biography.