Sarah Chauncey Woolsey

Standard Name: Woolsey, Sarah Chauncey
Used Form: Susan Coolidge
Indexed Name: Sarah Chauncy Woolsey


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Education Constance Smedley
With her sister, CS began her education at home with her mother as teacher. She read Shakespeare at four years old, and later learned the violin. She and Ida were concert-goers from an early age...
Education Susan Tweedsmuir
She was, however, always reading as a child: she and her sister had few books, but knew by heart whole chapters of the ones they did have. As a child Susan hated Mrs Mortimer 's...
Education J. K. Rowling
Formative early reading included Richard Scarry and Kenneth Grahame 's The Wind in the Willows. Joanne Rowling did not care for Enid Blyton as a young child but acquired a taste for her later...
Education Beryl Bainbridge
BB described her reading at nine years old as a mixture: George Eliot and children's writers like Richmal Crompton and Susan Coolidge (Sarah Woolsey ): Just William, What Katy Did, The Mill...
Education Kate Clanchy
As a child KC loved Victorian stories for girls—Frances Hodgson Burnett 's A Little Princess and The Secret Garden, Sarah Chauncey Woolsey (or Susan Coolidge)'s What Katy Did, and Louisa May Alcott
Education Elizabeth De la Pasture
Though almost nothing is known of EDP 's education, she wrote later that her early favourite reading was American. The heroines of Louisa May Alcott 's Little Women were her oldest and dearest friends. She...
Health Rumer Godden
At seven RG fell from a swing while doing something dangerous for a dare: relating this story, she likens herself to the protagonist of Susan Coolidge's classic novel for children, What Katy Did...
Publishing Charlotte Perkins Gilman
CPG 's novel What Diantha Did—whose title refers to the popular girls' story What Katy Did by Susan Coolidge (Sarah Chauncey Woolsey )—was published serially in her own journal, the Forerunner.
Kessler, Carol Farley. Charlotte Perkins Gilman: Her Progress Toward Utopia with Selected Writings. Syracuse University Press.
Scharnhorst, Gary. Charlotte Perkins Gilman: A Bibliography. The Scarecrow Press.
Reception Hannah More
Some later women writers added to critique on Coelebs. The novel is disrespectfully summarised in Susan Coolidge 's What Katy Did at School, where a character falls asleep over it.
Waldron, Mary, and Hannah More. “Introduction”. Coelebs in Search of a Wife, Thoemmes Press.
Reception Mary Anne Barker
The Times, reviewing Sybil's Book in late 1873, found it both delightful and thoroughly original.
Gilderdale, Betty. The Seven Lives of Lady Barker. Canterbury University Press.
Betty Gilderdale endorses this, calling it the first book to be published in England for teenage girls...


1872: US writer Susan Coolidge (Sarah Chauncy,...

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US writer Susan Coolidge (Sarah Chauncy, or Chauncey, Woolsey) published her highly popular and influential story for girls entitled What Katy Did.
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