Laetitia Pilkington

Standard Name: Pilkington, Laetitia
Birth Name: Laetitia Van Lewen
Married Name: Laetitia Pilkington
Self-constructed Name: Mrs Meade
The fame of the eighteenth-century Irishwoman LP as a memoirist—often thought of as a courtesan memoirist and writer of secret history—has obscured her very considerable merit as a poet and satirist.


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Education Constantia Grierson
Constantia Crawley (later CG ) became (through her own efforts, said Mary Barber ) proficient in Latin, Greek, history, theology, philosophy and mathematics. Laetitia Pilkington says she also knew Hebrew (which Mary Delany doubted), and...
Education Constantia Grierson
From her mid or late teens she studied midwifery with Laetitia Pilkington 's father, Dr John Van Lewen .
Elias, A. C. “A Manuscript of Constantia Grierson’s”. Swift Studies, Vol.
, pp. 33-56.
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Leadbeater
ML 's father, Richard Shakleton or Shackleton, from a family which had settled in Ireland from Yorkshire, was a schoolmaster at Ballitore School . Unusually for a Quaker, he had been educated at Trinity College
Friends, Associates Jonathan Swift
Swift helped and befriended a number of women writers. He was a patron of Mary Barber , Constantia Grierson , an unidentified Mrs Sican , Mary Davys , and Laetitia Pilkington , a colleague of...
Friends, Associates Mary Barber
MB was a close friend of Constantia Grierson . Her friendship with Jonathan Swift endured many vicissitudes; that with Laetitia Pilkington did not survive her apparently siding with Pilkington's husband when the couple fell out...
Friends, Associates Mary Delany
In the category of Irish wits she included Jonathan Swift , Constantia Grierson and Laetitia Pilkington . Though Pilkington's closeness to Swift was an important point in her favour, MD was still demonstrating a certain...
Friends, Associates Constantia Grierson
CG was a friend from their adolescence of the young women who became the poets Mary Barber and Laetitia Pilkington . Their shared friendship with Jonathan Swift has been an element in preserving some memory...
Literary responses Constantia Grierson
CG 's professional reputation during her lifetime was that of a prodigy. Even Laetitia Pilkington shared this view: her Learning appeared like the Gift poured out on the Apostles, of speaking all Languages, without the...
Literary responses Teresia Constantia Phillips
Early among printed comment on TCP 's Apology was An Oxford Scholar with The Parallel; or, Pilkington and Phillips Compared. Being remarks upon the memoirs of those two celebrated writers.
Solo: Search Oxford University Libraries Online.
Literary responses Teresia Constantia Phillips
Critic Lynda M. Thompson argues that TCP and Laetitia Pilkington (her close predecessor in publication, regularly linked with her in contemporary gossip) were doing something quite new in revealing their transgressive sex lives and blaming...
Publishing Mary Barber
He concluded, let Mrs Howard know that I recommend you to the Queen ,
Stewart, Wendy. “The Poetical Trade of Favours: Swift, Mary Barber, and the Counterfeit Letters”. Lumen, Vol.
, pp. 155-74.
though he declined to supply a direct introduction to a potential royal patron. Two months later Gay wrote to Swift...
Textual Features Robert Southey
Against the trend of the times, RS aimed for historical interest rather than literary canonicity, compiling in his Specimens of the Later English Poets a collection of representative voices rather than a garland: The taste...
Textual Features Dorothea Du Bois
After seven pages on grammar, she offers pattern letters: those in verse are in effect an anthology of epistolary poems by women, a patriotically generous selection of Irish writers (Mary Monck , Mary Barber
Textual Production Constantia Grierson
CG 's earliest poems were written to Laetitia Pilkington before either of them were married; compliments to Barber came later.
Elias, A. C. “A Manuscript of Constantia Grierson’s”. Swift Studies, Vol.
, pp. 33-56.
Lavoie, Chantel Michelle. Poems by Eminent Ladies: A Study of an Eighteenth-Century Anthology. University of Toronto.
217, 219
Textual Production Mary Barber
A Song by Laetitia Pilkington (which made its first appearance in the final edition of Robert Dodsley 's Collection of Poems in 1758 ascribed to Jabez Earle ) was later often mistakenly attributed to MB .
Suarez, Michael F., and Robert Dodsley, editors. “Who’s Who in Robert Dodsley’s <span data-tei-ns-tag="tei_title" data-tei-title-lvl=‘m’>Collection of Poems by Several Hands</span&gt”;. A Collection of Poems by Several Hands, Routledge/Thoemmes, pp. 120-6.


By March 1751: Tobias Smollett published his novel The Adventures...

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By March 1751

Tobias Smollett published his novelThe Adventures of Peregrine Pickle.

January 1781-December 1782: The Lady's Poetical Magazine, or Beauties...

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January 1781-December 1782

The Lady's Poetical Magazine, or Beauties of British Poetry appeared, published by James Harrison in four half-yearly numbers; it is arguable whether or not it kept the first number's promise of generous selections of work...

Christmas 1819: William Wordsworth presented Lady Mary Lowther...

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Christmas 1819

William Wordsworth presented Lady Mary Lowther with a little manuscript volume of poems: those by women were mostly copied from the pages of Poems by Eminent Ladies.


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