Sophia, Person of Quality

Standard Name: Sophia,, Person of Quality


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Literary responses Catharine Trotter
Nineteenth-century literary historians—Charles Dibdin , John Doran , Jane Williams —tended, though from different viewpoints, to subordinate her writings to her supposed personal characteristics.
Clark, Constance. Three Augustan Women Playwrights. Peter Lang.
More disappointingly, a feminist literary historian of the early...
Textual Production Mary Delany
Scholar Karen O'Brien suggests that MD might be the otherwise unidentified Sophia who published Woman not Inferior to Man in November 1739 and Woman's Superior Excellence over Man the next year as part of the...


November 1739: The anonymous, probably female Sophia published...

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November 1739

The anonymous, probably female Sophia published a pamphlet entitled Woman not Inferior to Man.


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