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Characters Edna Lyall
As readers recognized at once, Luke Raeburn, the embattled atheist in this book, noticeably resembles the politician Charles Bradlaugh , who was excluded from taking his seat in the House of Commons after repeatedly being...
Cultural formation Anna Kingsford
All that came to her, she believed, came by illumination because of a past birth, and because she pushed [herself] on to a point of spiritual evolution somewhat in advance of the rest of...
Cultural formation Catharine Trotter
While a young woman CT converted from Anglicanism to Roman Catholicism , the religion of her mother's family. In 1704 she maintained that differences among different branches of the Christian religion were of no importance...
Cultural formation Alice Walker
Raised as a Christian in the African Methodist Episcopal Church , AW had an inclination towards the natural, the mystic, and the metaphysical. During the decline of her marriage she became a regular tarot card...
Cultural formation Rosita Forbes
Her parents, she said (who were both members of the land-owning class, though in her father's case with strong egalitarian sympathies), had such a sensitive awareness of the next world that the permissible conveniences of...
Cultural formation Denise Levertov
Her parents belonged to the educated, professional middle class, and were practising Christians within the Church of England , where (even to a teenager beginning to experience doubts) the services were beautiful with candlelight and...
Cultural formation Monica Furlong
At about the same time, too, she gradually adopted a personal commitment to Christianity , with the help of her Anglican parish priest, Joost de Blank .
De-la-Noy, Michael. “Obituary. Monica Furlong”. The Guardian.
Cultural formation Monica Furlong
The Church ofEngland was still resolved against ordaining women when in 1986 a vote was passed forbidding invitations to visiting, foreign women priests to celebrate Holy Communion. MF and her associates responded by founding the...
Cultural formation Annie Besant
In the course of her life, AB explored many facets of religion and politics. Early in her life she entertained a passionate Christian devotion and was inspired by the idea of sacrifice, even martyrdom. She...
Family and Intimate relationships Naomi Jacob
NJ 's father, Samuel Jacob , had started life in Germany, the country to which his father had fled as a boy from Poland, after his parents were killed in pogroms. Longer ago...
Literary Setting Rosemary Sutcliff
This book returns to the community of former Norsemen who are now living in the Lake District, and whom Sutcliff depicted in The Shield Ring. During the early tenth century (re-created with her...
politics Mary Carpenter
MC was impartially critical of various Hindu , Muslim , and Parsi practices, but realised that her reforms had to proceed without attempting to convert Indian women from their religion. She was convinced that Christianity
Author summary Monica Furlong
MF was a Christian feminist who began as a journalist and went on to a prolific late-twentieth-century output of books. She published poetry, a couple of novels, stories for children, biographies of remarkable Christians, collected...
Textual Features Maureen Duffy
This story delivers a terrific kick. It centres on an unnamed woman who grew up in an oppressively Christian household, kept miserable by the suffering of Christ , whom she calls the Hanged Man. She...
Textual Features Mary Julia Young
Ill-fortune overtakes Elinor: someone else's need induces her to pawn her jewels and other possessions, thus bringing her into contact with Moses, a Jewish moneylender. Moses (who speaks with an accent: d for th,...


7 March 203
In the reign of the Emperor Septimius Severus , Perpetua , author of the earliest surviving text in Latin by a woman, was martyred at Carthage in North Africa.
6 June 1391
A hostile mob of armed Christians mounted an attack on the Jewish quarter of Seville in Spain.
A law passed by Jamaica's assembly decreed that no one shall be deemed a mulatto after the third generation . . . but . . . shall have all the privileges and immunities of...
Joseph Butler published Analogy of Religion, Natural and Revealed, to the Constitution and Course of Nature, a defence of Christianity against Deism which argued from a principle of reasonable probability.
Perhaps late 1803
Mrs Marriott (almost certainly Martha Marriott , 1737-1812, of Mendlesham in Suffolk) published Elements of Religion, Containing a Simple Deduction of Christianity , from its Source to its Present Circumstances.
By late October 1942
C. S. Lewis published the book version of The Screwtape Letters, an epistolary fiction in which a senior devil, Screwtape, offers advice to his nephew, a junior devil, on tempting and ultimately damning a...
1 April 1947
Mahatma Gandhi suggested, remarkably for a devout Hindu , that the first Prime Minister of an independent (and united) India should be the MuslimMuhammad Ali Jinnah (who after Partition became first premier of Pakistan).
Mary Daly , an academic at the Jesuit-run Boston College , published the first of her works in feministtheology, The Church and the Second Sex, an analysis of Roman Catholic and, more broadly, Christian thinking about women.
14-15 November 2014
At a girls' boarding school at Chibok in north-east Nigeria, 276 students who were there during the holidays to take a physics exam were abducted by the terrorist group calling itself Boko Haram ...


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