Naomi Jacob

Standard Name: Jacob, Naomi
Birth Name: Naomi Eleanor Claire Jacob
Indexed Name: Naomi Ellington Jacob
Pseudonym: Ellington Gray
Nickname: Micky or Mickie
Nickname: La Signora Micky
Nickname: Jacob
Nickname: Jake
NJ was a highly prolific, popular author, whose profitable writing career began in the 1920s and produced more than seventy books. The greater number are novels, including a notable series detailing for fortunes of an English Jewish family. Her fiction became steadily more formulaic with time. She also wrote plays, journalism, opera programme notes, and whatever came to hand. She issued several volumes of rambling memoirs which include much entertaining theatre reminiscence (every one of which has the word Me in its title) and a biography of Marie Lloyd . She was well-known on the stage in her earlier life, and later on as a broadcaster.
Black-and-white photo of Naomi Jacob, circa 1930. She wears a suit and bow tie, with her hair short and finger waved. She gazes at a lit            cigarette in her left hand that is billowing smoke.
"Jacob Naomi" by Hulton Archive/Stringer, 1930-01-01. Retrieved from This image is licensed under the GETTY IMAGES CONTENT LICENCE AGREEMENT.


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Publishing Olivia Manning
Abroad during the second world war, OM continued to write and place stories, and also essays. She was for a while employed on the literary pages of the Jerusalem Post.
Treglown, Jeremy. “Make use of me”. London Review of Books, pp. 21 - 2.
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