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Occupation Mary Lavin
At home she lectured to the English Society at University College , Dublin, providing, from the point of view of budding writers, an invaluable supplement to the degree course in English Literature.
Kilroy, Thomas et al. “Foreword”. In a Café, Town House, p. vii - x.
While in...
Occupation Anne Sexton
In 1961 AS began to get invitations to read or discuss her poetry: at Harvard , Boston College , and Cornell . In the fall of 1961, she was appointed one of the first Radcliffe...
Reception Alice Meynell
A Centenary Exhibition about AM was organised in London in 1947. Francis Meynell , her youngest son, published a catalogue to the exhibition the same year. Boston College also held a centenary celebration, with reminiscences...


1968: Mary Daly, an academic at the Jesuit-run...

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Mary Daly , an academic at the Jesuit-run Boston College , published the first of her works in feministtheology, The Church and the Second Sex, an analysis of Roman Catholic and, more broadly, Christian thinking about women.


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