Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Standard Name: Jinnah, Muhammad Ali


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Literary Setting Hélène Cixous
Cixous had, by 2001, written five plays for Mnouchkine 's Théâtre du Soleil , besides translating Greek tragedies for them in the early nineties.
Running-Johnson, Cynthia. “Cixous’s Left and Right Hands of Writing in Tambours sur la digue and Osnabrück”. French Forum, No. 3, pp. 111 -22.
She has said that she values her theatrical writing for...
Textual Features Rosita Forbes
RF builds her conclusion from the idea of two great influences in India that we, that is English people, are ignorant of: the influence of religion, and the influence of women. The latter is immeasurable...


22 March 1947
Lord Louis Mountbatten arrived in Delhi as the last Viceroy of India, with a brief to end British rule by June 1948. He accelerated this timetable, and Independence was dated 15 August 1947.
1 April 1947
Mahatma Gandhi suggested, remarkably for a devout Hindu , that the first Prime Minister of an independent (and united) India should be the MuslimMuhammad Ali Jinnah (who after Partition became first premier of Pakistan).