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Cultural formation Naomi Alderman
NA describes her parents as unorthodox Orthodox Jews ,
Armitstead, Claire. “Naomi Alderman. A life in . . ”. theguardian.com.
whose solidly professional circumstances were not far removed from working-class backgrounds. She has said, too, that she had a fundamentalist religious upbringing.
“Foyles”. Naomi Alderman. About the Author.
Her father wrote that...
Cultural formation Maya Angelou
MA and her brother were giggling and occasionally disruptive members of the congregation of the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church in Stamps, Arkansas; she tells a hilarious comic story about a sister in the congregation who...
Cultural formation Hannah Arendt
Both her parents had grown up in highly cultivated Jewish homes headed by entrepreneurs who like most of the Jews of Konigsberg had roots in Russia. They were semi-observant in Judaism and well assimilated in...
Cultural formation Denise Levertov
Her parents belonged to the educated, professional middle class, and were practising Christians within the Church of England , where (even to a teenager beginning to experience doubts) the services were beautiful with candlelight and...
Cultural formation Amy Levy
Her time in Dresden crystallized her mixed feelings about the practice of her religion . Visiting the synagogue (for Yom Kippur) disgusted her: she said that German Jews made her feel anti-semitic.
Pullen, Christine. The Woman Who Dared: A Biography of Amy Levy. Kingston University Press.
Zion unventilated...
Cultural formation Harold Pinter
Brought up in the observance of Judaism , HPrenounced religion as soon as his bar mitzvah was over, although his Jewish identity continued to be important to him.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. http://www.oxforddnb.com/.
He became in maturity a determinedly...
Cultural formation Gladys Henrietta Schütze
Her family were British members of prosperous, successful Jewry. In 1884 D'Israeli had only been dead four years and tolerance was very much the order of the day. So that anti-semitism was at a very...
Family and Intimate relationships Naomi Jacob
NJ 's father, Samuel Jacob , had started life in Germany, the country to which his father had fled as a boy from Poland, after his parents were killed in pogroms. Longer ago...
Textual Features Naomi Alderman
The story is set in Oxford in the year 1221, six years after a statute decreed that to guard against ethnic mixing, Jews in Britain were to wear a large patch on the front of...
Textual Production Maria De Fleury
MDF published her pamphlet Poems, Occasioned by the Confinement and Acquittal of the Right Honourable Lord George Gordon , President of the Protestant Association.
Gordon the champion of Protestantism converted to Judaism in 1786.
De Bruyn, Frans. “Anti-Semitism, Millenarianism, and Radical Dissent in Edmund Burke’s <span data-tei-ns-tag="tei_title" data-tei-title-lvl=‘m’>Reflections on the Revolution in France</span&gt”;. Eighteenth-Century Studies, Vol.
, No. 4, pp. 577-00.
De Fleury, Maria. Poems. R. Denham.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Hélène Cixous
The book is a kind of kaleidoscope of splintered biography and textual commentary, emphasizing its subject's Jewish heritage. It uses Derrida 's confessions, published ten years earlier as a gloss for another text altogether...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Rosita Forbes
This is partly a book about change and modernization. RF welcomed particularly the stamping out of tribal conflict and corruption in Iran, and the tolerance newly extended to Jews , Christians , and Zoroastrians
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Monica Furlong
Here MF describes a visit to the New London Synagogue , sponsor of this publication. She writes of her delight in the singing, with its extraordinary vitality, spontaneity, and tragic beauty, the naturalness and informality...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Cecily Mackworth
She depicts an astonishing range of individuals: an Arab woman who hates Jews and their acquisition of land, yet would never dream of selling to a fellow-Arab if a Jew would give her more money...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Gladys Henrietta Schütze
The Straight Road begins with the sensitive David Waterlow at Liverpool Street Station in London, depressed because he is saying goodbye to his friend Geoffrey, becoming fascinated by a young woman clearly in deep...


6 June 1391: A hostile mob of armed Christians mounted...

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6 June 1391

A hostile mob of armed Christians mounted an attack on the Jewish quarter of Seville in Spain.

2006: Naomi Alderman won the Orange Prize for her...

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Naomi Alderman won the Orange Prize for her first novel, Disobedience, set in the North LondonOrthodox Jewish community.


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