Charles Bradlaugh

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Family and Intimate relationships Annie Besant
AB 's biographer Anne Taylor and other historians say she was in love with Bradlaugh , and he at least to some degree returned her feelings. But he was married, though his wife, Susannah or...
Family and Intimate relationships Annie Besant
The custody decision made it unthinkable that AB might secure a divorce in order to marry Charles Bradlaugh (whose wife had now died).
Mount, Ferdinand. “Get off your knees”. London Review of Books, Vol.
, No. 14, pp. 18-19.
Family and Intimate relationships Annie Besant
It is hardly surprising in view of the other aspects of her reputation that AB was assumed to be sexually involved with her successive, influential friends, Charles Bradlaugh and Edward Aveling .
Friends, Associates Annie Besant
AB met Charles Bradlaugh in 1874, the year after forming her friendships with Thomas Scott and Charles Voysey . Bradlaugh was a lawyer, a militant atheist, republican, and teetotaller, a huge man with a huge...
Friends, Associates Matilda Betham-Edwards
MBE set a great deal of store by meeting men distinguished as authors or in other fields, as a spur to literary achievement of her own. She was given to boasting of her acquaintance with...
Friends, Associates Edna Lyall
She became a good friend of Bradlaugh himself and also of his daughter Hypatia .
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Intertextuality and Influence Annie Besant
AB published anonymously in 1875, with Thomas Scott , her first pamphlet on the topic of atheism. On the Nature and Existence of God owed much to the influence of her new friend Charles Bradlaugh
Intertextuality and Influence Edna Lyall
Charles Bradlaugh himself tutored EL on the subject of secularism for this novel, which was at first to be called Erica. She had nearly finished writing it by the end of 1882, but during...
Literary responses Edna Lyall
The Morning Post gave the book a good review,
Escreet, J. M. The Life of Edna Lyall. Longmans, Green and Co.
but the London Quarterly called this and EL 's next work dangerous or wicked in their sympathetic portrayal of atheism.
Corrick, Georgia. “’You will Blame Me . But . It Seemed to me Simply a Thing that Had to be Done’: Women’s Transgressions and Moral Choices in Edna Lyall’s Novels”. Women’s Writing, Vol.
, No. 3, pp. 476-95.
477 and n1
In deploring...
Material Conditions of Writing Edna Lyall
She began writing it on a sunny August morning at Farnham, after reading in the Daily News of how Bradlaugh , the well-known radical, in prison for refusing to take the parliamentary oath on...
Occupation Annie Besant
Under Charles Bradlaugh 's influence, AB began lecturing and writing for the National Secular Society .
Taylor, Anne. Annie Besant: A Biography. Oxford University Press.
politics Edith J. Simcox
Although EJS was nominated to the Council of the newly revived International Working Men's Association , along with Annie Besant , Harriet Law , and Charles Bradlaugh , she subsequently withdrew.
McKenzie, Keith Alexander, and Gordon S. Haight. Edith Simcox and George Eliot. Oxford University Press.
politics Edith J. Simcox
On 12 December 1877 EJS remarked in her autobiography that a Council was appointed to which I was nominated, then Mrs Besant , then Mrs Harriet Law , and Mr Bradlaugh in between. I had...
politics Annie Besant
The trial and temporary conviction of AB and Charles Bradlaugh in the summer of 1877 on obscenity charges for publishing the birth control pamphlet Fruits of Philosophy, as well as her public atheism, deprived...
politics Edna Lyall
EL met Charles Bradlaugh after writing to him about a review of her second novel, Donovan, published in his National Reformer.
Payne, George A. "Edna Lyall:" an Appreciation. John Heywood.
She made three contributions to the Election Fund set up to...


25 August 1857: The Obscene Publications Act allowed for...

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25 August 1857

The Obscene Publications Act allowed for the censorship of pornographic materials entering Britain.

February 1878: The acquittal of Charles Bradlaugh and Annie...

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February 1878

The acquittal of Charles Bradlaugh and Annie Besant in their famous obscenity trial meant that distribution of birth control information was no longer illegal.

1892: Sixty-seven year-old phrenologist Henry Loader...

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Sixty-seven year-old phrenologist Henry Loader was prosecuted for selling two birth control manuals, The Wife's Handbook and Fruits of Philosophy.


Bradlaugh, Charles et al. “Publishers’ Preface”. Fruits of Philosophy: An Essay on the Population Question, 2ndnd ed, Freethought Publishing, 1877, pp. 3-7.