Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe

Standard Name: Sharpe, Charles Kirkpatrick


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Friends, Associates Elizabeth, Margravine of Anspach
EMA continued to live a crowded social life despite the circles where she was not received. She corresponded with Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe ,
Elizabeth, Margravine of Anspach,. “Introduction”. The Beautiful Lady Craven, edited by Lewis Saul Benjamin and Alexander Meyrick Broadley, Bodley Head, p. i - cxxxviii.
and claimed to have built a friendship with Lady Bute (daughter...
Literary responses Maria Riddell
The obnoxious Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe wrote in his copy: a worthless profligate woman.
Brown, Hilton. There Was a Lad. An Essay on Robert Burns. Hamish Hamilton.
Publishing Lady Margaret Cunningham
Her fuller title was A Parte of the Life of Lady Margaret Cunningham Daughter to the Earle of Glencairn yt [sic] she had with her first husband the Master of Evandale. When she wrote...
Reception Maria Riddell
Insofar as her memory has been bound up with that of Burns, MR has been pre-destined to a satellite role. The relationship, indeed, drew fire from a contemporary, Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe , who wrote vituperatively...
Textual Production Anne Wharton
This means that someone saw her work as a saleable property, and someone else wanted to keep it from print. It is not known who, or for what motives. The manuscript of the verse drama...


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Cunningham, Lady Margaret. A Pairt of the Life of Lady Margaret Cuninghame. Editor Sharpe, Charles Kirkpatrick, J. Ballantyne, 1827.