Thomas Edward Lawrence

Standard Name: Lawrence, Thomas Edward
Used Form: T. E. Lawrence


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Friends, Associates Rosita Forbes
An indefatigable name-dropper, RF wrote that the greatest, and most sensible, man she had ever met was Kemal Atatürk ; she then bracketed with him Franklin Delano Roosevelt .
Forbes, Rosita. Gypsy in the Sun. Cassell.
In Cairo she was always...
Friends, Associates Laura Riding
Graves and Riding were touchy as friends, between their sense of literary mission (they saw Graves's biography of T. E. Lawrence as a somewhat demeaning potboiler, not part of his real work at all) and...
Friends, Associates Susan Tweedsmuir
ST made her own the friendship with Elizabeth Robins that had begun because Robins was a friend of her mother's. She was also close to playwright-producer Harley Granville-Barker and particularly to his second wife, the...
Friends, Associates Gertrude Bell
GB met T. E. Lawrence for the first time, along with the archaeologists Campbell Thompson and Leonard Woolley .
Goodman, Susan. Gertrude Bell. Berg.
70, 72
Wallach, Janet. Desert Queen. Nan A. Talese/Doubleday.
Intertextuality and Influence Jan Morris
When in the army and stationed at the international and cultural crossroads which was Palestine, Morris developed a strong interest in travel-writing and was drawn to three books in particular: Travels in Arabia Deserta...
Literary responses Charlotte Mew
T. E. Lawrence , on the other hand, reviewing one of CM 's volumes of poetry, pronounced: All the women who ever wrote original stuff could have been strangled at birth and the history of...
Literary responses Freya Stark
The Valleys of the Assassins is perhaps FS 's most lasting success. One of its first readers was T. E. Lawrence , who was sent a copy of the book by Sir Sydney Cockerell ...
Occupation Laura Riding
They had help from Vyvyan Richards (who had formerly planned to set up a printing press with his close friend T. E. Lawrence ), which was needed since neither had much experience with hand-presses. They...
Publishing E. M. Forster
The genesis of this novel probably dates from a visit which EMF made in September 1913 to the socialist and homosexual activist Edward Carpenter , whose lifelong campaign against prejudice and inequity were an inspiration...
Textual Features Patricia Beer
It incorporated fifty new poems written since her collected volume. Among them, miscellaneous pieces succeed to a sequence of twelve sonnets entitled Wessex Calendar and a set of modern imagist verses entitled Observations. The...
Textual Features John Buchan
Told in the first person by Richard Hannay, this novel concerns the ideas of jihad and fanatical Islamic warriors. It has for protagonist Sandy Arbuthnot, another of Buchan's thinking men of action, who is apparently...
Textual Features Catherine Carswell
In this chapter CC also challenges the spite and unfairness of comments made by T. E. Lawrence on Charlotte Mew , and through her on [a]ll the women who ever wrote.
Carswell, Catherine. Lying Awake: An Unfinished Autobiography and Other Posthumous Papers. Editor Carswell, John, Secker and Warburg.
Textual Production George Bernard Shaw
Sir Barry Jackson produced another play by GBS , Too True to Be Good, whose cast of characters includes a fictional representation of T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) as Private Meek.
Innes, Christopher. Modern British Drama, 1890-1990. Cambridge University Press.
Innes, Christopher, editor. The Cambridge Companion to George Bernard Shaw. Cambridge University Press.
Travel Freya Stark
While FS 's lecture tour of the USA on behalf of the British government sparked policy debates in the House of Commons , the American press was fascinated by the female Lawrence of Arabia.
Geniesse, Jane Fletcher. Passionate Nomad. Random House.


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