Jacob Tonson

Standard Name: Tonson, Jacob


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Anthologization Aphra Behn
Apart from many more or less creatively distant imitations, AB produced several actual translations.
Scholars sometimes differ about what to class as largely original and what not.
She was invited by Dryden to contribute to...
Publishing Mary, Lady Chudleigh
Dryden wrote this month to his publisher, Jacob Tonson , that he had a manuscript copy of the poem and wanted it to come last among the prefatory tributes (the place of honour), but was...
Publishing Aphra Behn
This was a money-making venture at a time when the amalgamation of the two playhouses was making life hard for dramatists. Positioned on the cusp between Behn's stage career (which goes almost unmentioned here) and...
Reception Elizabeth Cellier
EC was imprisoned in Newgate to await trial at the Old Bailey criminal court for her publication (which Jacob Tonson , reporting this, called a Libell upon the whole Government. At the same time, by...
Textual Features Sarah Dixon
SD expresses personal emotion eloquently and social observation sardonically. The Wish follows sedately in the country-retirement tradition of John Pomfret , but To Miranda likens herself to Job, and adds a vivid image of shipwreck:...
Textual Production Anne Finch
AF appeared several times in print, with poems in both volumes of Delarivier Manley 's New Atalantis and in Poetical Miscellanies published by Jacob Tonson .
McGovern, Barbara. Anne Finch and Her Poetry: A Critical Biography. University of Georgia Press.
120-1, 93
Textual Production Alexander Pope
His early translation Sapho to Phaon—which, like Ovid 's original, represents the woman poet as despairingly in love with a man who has rejected her—appeared in print in 1712 in the eighth edition of...
Textual Production Aphra Behn
AB published through Tonson her Poems upon Several Occasions.Jacob Tonson
Though one of the commendatory poems dates from November 1683, the book was not registered with the Stationers' Company till Easter Term 1684.
O’Donnell, Mary Ann. Aphra Behn: An Annotated Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources. Garland.
Todd, Janet. The Secret Life of Aphra Behn. Rutgers University Press.
O’Donnell, Mary Ann. Aphra Behn: An Annotated Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources. Garland.
Wealth and Poverty Aphra Behn
Though Behn was famed as the first woman to earn a living by her pen, she was never able to reach financial security. In 1684, trying to persuade her publisher, Tonson , to pay five...


1684: The first volume appeared of Miscellany Poems,...

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The first volume appeared of Miscellany Poems, an influential poetryanthology connected with the names of Jacob Tonson the elder, publisher, and John Dryden ; the final part came out in 1709.

By late 1697: John Dryden published by subscription his...

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By late 1697

John Dryden published by subscription his versetranslation of Virgil 's Works; it was the first time a literary work by a living author had been published by this means.

20 May 1707: Jacob Tonson the elder signed the first of...

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20 May 1707

Jacob Tonson the elder signed the first of two copyright agreements giving him sole right in Shakespeare 's plays.

2 May 1709: Poetical Miscellanies. The Sixth Part was...

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2 May 1709

Poetical Miscellanies. The Sixth Part was published, including Pope 's Pastorals and poems by Anne Finch (which are placed between work by Pope and Swift ).

10 April 1710: An Act for the Encouragement of Learning...

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10 April 1710

An Act for the Encouragement of Learning (later called the Copyright Act), passed in 1709, became effective.

1729: The publisher Andrew Millar, a Scotsman,...

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The publisher Andrew Millar , a Scotsman, established his printing house at 141 The Strand, London.


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