George Thomason

Standard Name: Thomason, George


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Publishing Anne Bradstreet
AB 's brother-in-law the Rev. John Woodbridge , having travelled to London in 1647, entered her poems with the Stationers' Register . They appeared in print as The Tenth Muse on (according to George Thomason ) 5 July.
English Short Title Catalogue.
Bradstreet, Anne. “The Introduction”. The Complete Works of Anne Bradstreet, edited by Joseph R. McElrath and Allan P. Robb, Twayne, p. xi - xlii.
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Textual Production Elizabeth Warren
The fuller title is Spiritual Thrift; or, Meditations Wherein Humble Christians (as in a Mirrour) May View the Verity of Their Saving Graces, and May See How to Make a Spirituall Improvement of All Opportunities...
Textual Production Elizabeth Warren
The fuller title is A Warning-Peece from Heaven, Against the Sins of the Times, Inciting Us to Fly from the Vengeance to Come; or, Mournfull Meditations of Revealed Wrath, Appearing in the Progresse of our...
Textual Production Hester Biddle
HB issued her two first tracts on the same day: the almost identical Wo to thee City of Oxford and Wo to thee Towne of Cambridge.
The date comes from George Thomason , an...
Textual Production Katherine Chidley
The collector George Thomason , who wrote the date on his copy of this tract, also expanded C. to Chidley at the foot of the title-page.
English Short Title Catalogue.
This text is available online from Women Writers Online,
Textual Production Margaret Fell
This is the date given by George Thomason , in his contemporary collection of tracts, to MF 's anonymous For Manasseth ben Israel : The Call of the Jewes out of Babylon.
Thomason uses...
Textual Production Margaret Fell
MF set her initials to A Loving Salutation to the Seed of Abraham among the Jewes, also probably printed in 1656 as its title-page says, and re-issued by a different publisher in 1660.
OCLC WorldCat. Accessed 1999.
Textual Production Anna Hume
Evan Tyler , the King's Printer at Edinburgh, issued, with her name, AH 's The Triumphs of Love: Chastitie: Death: Translated out of Petrarch.
The date comes from George Thomason 's annotation. Since...
Textual Production Susanna Parr
SP defended herself in Susanna's Apologie against the Elders, when Lewis Stucley , minister of her former Independent congregation in Exeter, excommunicated her as climax of a prolonged mutual enmity.
The day and...
Textual Production Hester Shaw
HS issued a second pamphlet, Mrs. Shaws Innocency Restored, according to collector George Thomason .
English Short Title Catalogue.
Textual Production Hester Shaw
The full date was supplied on his copy by collector George Thomason . The title-page date is 1649, and the date of the fire is given as 4 January 1649: according to Old Style, January...
Textual Production Anna Trapnel
AT 's pamphlet Strange and Wonderful Newes from White-Hall was assigned to this date by the collector of ephemeral writing George Thomason .
Trapnel, Anna. “Introduction”. The Cry of a Stone, edited by Hilary Hinds, Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, p. xiii - xlvii.
Textual Production Anna Trapnel
Thomason assigned to this date AT 's A Legacy for Saints, another look at the stirring events of this year.
Trapnel, Anna. “Introduction”. The Cry of a Stone, edited by Hilary Hinds, Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, p. xiii - xlvii.
Textual Production Elizabeth Warren
Its fuller title is The Old and Good Way Vindicated: In a Treatise, Wherein Divers Errours, (Both in Judgement and Practice, Incident to These Declining Times) are Unmasked, for the Caution of Humble Christians...


9 June 1645: James Strong, a local clergyman calling himself...

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9 June 1645

James Strong , a local clergyman calling himself a Batchelour, published, apparently at London, Joanereidos: or, Feminine Valour: Eminently Discovered in Westerne Women, celebrating the military skills of west-country women in the English Civil War.

2 January 1646: According to collector George Thomason, this...

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2 January 1646

According to collector George Thomason , this was the publication date of Poems of Mr. John Milton , both English and Latin. Compos'd at several times, which was dated 1645. It included the paired...

5 January 1649: An English widow named Johanna Cartwright,...

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5 January 1649

An English widow named Johanna Cartwright , resident in Amsterdam with her son Ebenezer , presented to General Sir Thomas Fairfax a pamphlet whose lengthy title begins The Petition of the Jewes.

2 January 1651: Charles Gerbier published a formal defence...

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2 January 1651

Charles Gerbier published a formal defence of women: Elogium Heroinum: Or, The Praise of Worthy Women.

By November 1651: Anna Weamys, aged about twenty, published...

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By November 1651

Anna Weamys , aged about twenty, published as a young gentle-woman, Mrs. A.W., A Continuation of Sir Philip Sydney 's Arcadia.

25 June 1652: Eliza's Babes, or The Virgins-Offering, a...

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25 June 1652

Eliza's Babes, or The Virgins-Offering, a book of poetry, was published now (according to George Thomason ): the work of an anonymous Lady, who onely desires to advance the glory of God, and not her own.

2 October 1653: According to George Thomason, William Harvey...

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2 October 1653

According to George Thomason , William Harvey published this day the first English version of his pioneering work on the circulation of the blood.

October 1658: The Whole Duty of Man appeared: a hugely...

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October 1658

The Whole Duty of Man appeared: a hugely influential guide to religious living, ascribed generally to Richard Allestree but sometimes to others, notably Dorothy, Lady Pakington .


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