King Henry IV

Standard Name: Henry IV, King


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death Geoffrey Chaucer
GC , diplomat and poet, died in London.
The date is highly suspect, being based on an inscription of a hundred and fifty years later. Some commentators believe that Chaucer (who had recently rented...
Literary Setting Helen Craik
The title-page quotes Virgil . The preface relates how while staying with a friend in the north the author discovered an ancient manuscript, much torn and defaced in a trunk in a garret.
Craik, Helen. Henry of Northumberland. William Lane.
1: xi
Literary Setting Georgette Heyer
GH , not yet entirely identified with the Regency period, sets Simon the Coldheart during the time of Henry IV , and makes her hero an associate of Prince Hal in his campaign on the...
Textual Features Henrietta Sykes
Widdrington is an actual village in Northumberland, of which only the tower was still standing until the late nineteenth century. The recent history of the family was Jacobite. In the novel, two sisters suffer fearful...
Textual Production Georgette Heyer
The subject of the book is John, Duke of Bedford , Henry V 's younger brother. GH began writing it in 1948 under the encouragement of her husband and of Frere, her editor. The subject...
Textual Production Jean Plaidy
In this extremely well-populated series, this first Plantagenet led a long procession. Its followers were two novels in 1977, The Revolt of the Eaglets, and The Heart of the Lion (about Richard Coeur de Lion
Textual Production Lucy Toulmin Smith
LTS , who became Librarian at Manchester College in Oxford in the same year, edited for the antiquarian Camden Society a late fourteenth-century text: Expeditions to Prussia and the Holy Land Made by Henry, Earl of Derby (afterwards King Henry IV


1397: Two books of ABC were bought for the daughters...

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Two books of ABC were bought for the daughters of the future Henry IV : Blanche, aged five, and Phillippa, aged three.

29 September 1399: Richard II abdicated from the throne at the...

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29 September 1399

Richard II abdicated from the throne at the Tower of London; in effect he was deposed, and the crown seized by Henry Bolingbroke, who became Henry IV .

20 March 1413: Henry IV died and his son succeeded to the...

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20 March 1413

Henry IV died and his son succeeded to the English throne as Henry V .
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

: Shakespeare probably completed the story...

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Shakespeare probably completed the story of his two Henry IVhistoryplays by writing Henry V, in which the charismatic but formerly undisciplined prince makes good as national military hero.

: Shakespeare probably composed his Roman history...

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Shakespeare probably composed his Roman historyplayJulius Caesar.


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