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Cultural formation Adrienne Rich
AR fell in love again and this time formed a lasting relationship: with Michelle Cliff , a woman of Jamaican origin who was then an editor with W. W. Norton , Rich's publisher.
O’Mahoney, John. “Poet and Pioneer: Adrienne Rich”. The Guardian, pp. Review 20 - 3.
Publishing Eavan Boland
This reprints some poems from Night Feed and The Journey and Other Poems, as well as adding (at the beginning of the volume) a generous selection of new ones. It was published in different...
Publishing Eavan Boland
It was published by Norton in the USA, and reprinted by Carcanet in 2006.
Textual Production Eavan Boland
EB published with Carcanet in England another poetry volume, In a Time of Violence; it also appeared from Norton in the United States.
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Boland, Eavan. In a Time of Violence. Norton.
Textual Production Ivy Compton-Burnett
Rose Macaulay had brought ICB to Gollancz's notice. He was known for unconventional and forceful advertising. He sold Daughters and Sons to the US publisher W. W. Norton , though it was far outside their...


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